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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vampires And Crabs

What do vampires and crabs have in common?
Answer : they are killed or pierced through the heart....

Oh, before you go on, this post is not for weak and crab lovers.... please refrain from reading on..
Sorry, crabs....

I actually bought these crabs in the main market yesterday afternoon. Andy would be back for dinner so I was thinking why not cook something different for a change. So.... with some great help from Elin, I learn how to "murder" some crabs next time.... call me "cold blooded"... Gosh!

Okay... how to keep yourself from being "clawed"
we must not untie the crab... otherwise we get it instead
so... firstly, take a wooden chopstick..
and point it to the crab's heart... like this above....
and thennn...

My Sifu.. (Mistress of Cookery)
She taught and showed me all the minute details...
where to wash, what to take out..
yes, sand-bag, now I know where it is...
and then.... with some squeezed ginger...
and some fried garlic...
the crabs were steamed for 10-15 minutes...
they became like these....

freshly steamed crabs!

by the way annyone fainted?


  1. Aiyo, Claire... dun nid to pierce thru the heart... I cooked crabs too, but I tak berani kill them liddat. So if it's still alive, I'll freeze it up in the fridge for 2 hours... confirm mati.

  2. Oooo....I want!!! Aiyor...Cleff! So cruel - throw you in the freezer till you die, you want or not. Hahahahaha!!! I know - I saw Kylie Kwong doing that too on Discovery Travel & Living. Tsk! Tsk!

  3. have a crabbilicious dinner tonight

  4. stp: slow death like that.. really coldd...grrrrr...

    rachel: thanks!!

  5. argh. lol. i think freezer death is better, haha. but what do i know? i no crab. :p

  6. I want to eatt... this to "murder" the crabs ah? I saw the Indian lady who was selling crabs she does it differently. She poke a knife at the crabs bum bum and "kiew" then the shell would have been opened and the crabs ahem ahem gone to Crab heaven wor

  7. before you took their lives you should also let them swim swim around so that the sand and dirt can be removed from their body. That's what my grandma taught me. >.<

  8. What a horrible thing to have to go through in order to eat this!! I always thought you have to drop live crabs and lobsters into boiling water???

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Oh crabs, my favorite leh and yours really look yummylicious.

    What to do..sometimes got to sacrify a bit for the good food.....I mean the crab.

  11. haha, love crab, but I could never do that! I've seen mom do it many many times, but I dont think I can...

  12. haha, love crab, but I could never do that! I've seen mom do it many many times, but I dont think I can...

  13. i hate all those behind-the-scene on how the animals are being treated.. i just love the food in front of me~~ :p

  14. tuti: either way, also have to kaput...

    pam: right!

    kathy: normally i ask the fella to do everything siap siap in the market.

    lena: oh, nv tot of that!

    chris: when when??

    yingying: oh, thanks for info!

    ginny: im not sure actually.. but boiling water.. like very painful?

    littlekit: how come we dont feel it when we eat outside hor?

    evelyn: i aso dont know i can or not..

    sk: seeing is puking.. so better dont see...

    lina: not bad...

  15. Poor crabs..RIP. Heard of the song 'murder on the dance floor' but never murder in the kitchen muahaha.

  16. War...cold blooded..can someone please stop of this crime? :p

  17. i don't buy them alive..the fishmonger has to kill them for me :)

  18. If i buy jor, dont dare to murder. So how to cook n eat? LOL!! the onie option is go out n cari crab makan...

  19. sad for the crabs... but if wanna eat, dun think...

  20. OK, I don't want to know how to kill crabs. I am just interested to eat them! Muahaha!!

  21. my favorite crabs...........i used to see my mum kill the crab..... cold blooded but I still loves to eat. haha


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