Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Aaron's First Treat

Before Aaron left, he gave my family a treat in Kok Thai Restaurant. My mum, my two sisters and their families came for the dinner, sort of commemorating an early Mother's Day meal then. His very first treat since he started working a couple of months back... so fast time has flown... he has been working for more than two months already!

All of us were feeling very hungry when we reached the restaurant.... while waiting, we took our dessert ... as an appetizer...

Special thanks to Elin for baking this Cheesecake
for Aaron!

We really enjoyed savouring this lovely cake!

And now the dishes....

Assam pedas sotong
(spicy sourish squids)

crispy fried chicken with prawn crackers..

steamed talapia fish....

claypot with assorted seafood...
abalones, fish maws, mushrooms, dried scallops, sea cucumbers

beancurd with singkwa (green cucumber?)
and black fungus..

A nice family gathering...
Thanks Aaron for the Mother's Day Dinner...


  1. Hi Claire, Happy Belated Mother's Day to you! Yummy meal & lovely cake again from Elin.
    Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Best wishes,

  2. Yum! Yum! Food looks soooo good. I wonder if Aaron will ever treat me to dinner hor? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  3. can i have the cheesecake :)

  4. Your son is very 'food lou' (generous)... You're a lucky mother. :)

  5. Jor...the asam pedas sotong...slurp!! but with the hot weather nowadays....dun feel like taking spicy food

  6. so yummy! can i have some? :P

  7. kathy: yes, it was two weeks ago.. hahaa...

    lina: eat to live.. hahhaa..

    stp: not to worry..he will.. meanwhile u got to do something first !! :)

    kathy: next time?

    imriz: sure sure!!

    pam: hahaa... u know cantonese one!

  8. yeeling: this one not pedas one.. anyone can eat... yah, hot weather!

    nick: sure .. sure!!

  9. let's go dinner together, claire. i arrange.

  10. ayo the fooddd.... so yummy!!! ^_^

  11. so sweet of Aaron! bet u enjoyed this year Mother's day lots! :D

  12. Wah! Yummy yummy food especially the cake! No balut ah? LOL!!

  13. lena: when..when?? no problem.. u arrange then..

    cath: tahan dulu.. hahaha...

    carol: not bad if every year got people belanja.. hahaha..

    foongpc: all inside the balut! lol..

  14. what a great way to make mother's day memorable, esp with so much of wonderful food and to include the cheesecake.

  15. wenn: one night we come out for dinner? lena will arrange..

    nava: yes, it is made perfect!

  16. good boy Aaron, haha.. hey, interesting to eat cheesecake with chopsticks huh, and more delicious also?? i'm in love with the food there, nice!!! especially the sotong, seafood pot and beancurd..

  17. You looked so radiant! I guess a proud mother would be too if her son showed filial piety. I share your joy Claire ;)

  18. really yummy food. Aaron would be your son right?

  19. Wow---what a delicious Mother's Day Dinner... YUM... Makes me hungry... ha... The fruit and cheesecake called my name!!!!! YUM..

  20. What a thoughtful son he is, how cool to have him treat you for once instead of the other way around. That tilapia does freak me out a little, we don't usually eat it with the head on here. I don't like something to look at me while I eat it!

  21. Wow, nice gathering and yummy food! Got dessert somemore..

  22. Whenever i read such a post,(anak anak belanja makan) it just fills my heart with joy.

    You have brought them up well,sis and they will always remember what you have done for them for sure.

    May the good Lord bless Aaron as he embarks on the working life and find favor from people around him....

    happy, simply happy

  23. never too late..selamat hari Ibu :)
    the assam pedas sotong..drool drool!!

  24. Working for 2 months and treating so many people for dinner, your son is really generous. Heheheh!

  25. Initially I thought you went to a Thai restaurant.... Kok Thai. I was wrong, haha! But the food pics successfully tempted me, especially Elin's cheesecake and assam pedas sotong.

  26. Did he tithe his salary?
    for first month first job, must be 100% one :0

    anyway he is a faithful son n he is honoring the elders. one word GOOD BOY.

  27. nice family!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  28. wow..the assam pedas sotong looks so yummy....

  29. congrats to you my dear friend.. finally one waiting moment arrive!! and he very 'hao sun' to belanja all of you hoh...


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