Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Two Boys And My Girl...

I want to post this up ... it is something I want to remember when I am older... I mean when I am Really Old next time... that will be the time for me to Smile.....

Mother's Day on Sunday came and went.... but these little memoirs will always remain....

When Aaron came back on the first week of May, he brought back a gift for us... "Happy Mother's Day"... he wished me....

Our first Hush Puppies T-shirt..
Happy Mother's And Sister's Day!
Thank you, Aaron...

On the very actual day in the morning, I received a long distance phone call from Aaron, wishing me "Happy Mother's Day"..... *Smile*

That reminded me... what happened to Andy? Has he forgotten?? Well, I thought he had, how wrong I was... in the afternoon, I received a sms... no words spoken but a very nice sweet SMS.... It says.... (i want to write it down here so that when my hp goes missing, I still have these words to hold... )

"I would not say you are the best mother in the world... This is because the word best is used to compare and there is nothing you could be compared to... You are incomparable.... Thank you for providing me with love and care through all these years... Happy Mother's Day... I love you mum...."

*heart melting* whatever he wants from me then, I would have given all to him! LOL.....

Last and not least... how about my girl?? This was the scenerio... she was studying when I went in....

Me: Girl, you know today is what day or not?
Girl : hah?? what.....
Me: aiyoh... today ah.... u forgot?
Girl : (after a moment looked up from the book)....Orrr.... Happy Mother's Day lo.....
(her eyes back to her book, like preparing for "PHD" exams)

Moral of the story: Give birth to Boys better.... they are more sentimental !!! haahhahahahaa...

Just kidding! Girl or Boys... THEY ARE MY KIDS and I LOVE YOU THREE SUPER MUCH!!


  1. Sobs! Sobs! Such wonderful sons you have...so touched by their sweet, thoughtful and loving gestures. That daughter.... Well, I assure you mine's not like that! Muahahahaha!!!!

  2. Hi Reana, you sure got great sons there....
    you a never ending song in their heart of comfort, happiness and being.
    They may sometimes forget the words, but they always remember the tune.

    And a man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best.
    But his mother...the longest.
    I'm sure your daughter loves you just as much but her studies distracted her....
    Have fun.

  3. stp: im sure you and your girl have a very close and strong bonding! my girl.. yo..she is very serious one.. she is like preparing for her PHD exams! hahahaa...

    U.Lee: thanks .. yeah, my girl is also very loving one... she is now tensed with her exams..

  4. I BEG TO DIFFER!!! Being the only daughter in the family, I arranged everything from cake to dinner to carnation to kisses to sweet words to ................................etc.

  5. pam...whoa.... hahaaa.. i m sure u r the capable one in the family! sweet darling.. let my girl learn from u!
    she is too serious with her studies.. gosh!

  6. Claire, you're so lucky because your daughter is the hard-working type. I was superbly lazy when I was still a school girl.

  7. i'm sure your girl loves you just as much as her brothers..cant blame her..after kena scolding from you if fail..haha!

  8. just be the best mum n our kids would love u much..happy mum's day!

  9. wah....u happy la... i think cannot sleep for days. btw, Happy Mother's day to you...you are one of best mom in the world..hehehhe...

  10. pam: lazy or not, see how u are today! so smart and gorgeous looking!

    lena: hahaha..of course she does.. she is just too engrossed with her studies.. gosh, i cant wait for the exam to be over.

    wenn: same to you.. our kids are our babies no matter how old they are.. hahaha..

  11. I always thought girls were more sentimental than boys.. Haha!


  12. Awwwwwwwwww sweetness-personified!
    Your melted heart must still be all gooey till now Rofl
    Your children's stellar attitude is a product of good upbringing, so stretch your arms backwards and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back ya ;)

  13. What a story!! Kind of backwards from the way it usually is! Maybe it is just that she's the youngest and still at home?

  14. But my girl...when she's studying, also like that. All stressed out! Something about students nowadays...

  15. in my case..it's my girl being the one who keep on asking me..what present i want for mother's day and she would buy for me..*heart melt*...and she's only 10. haha...
    btw, happy belated mother's day to u claire :)

  16. Nice shirt! Very sharp color ^^

  17. Claire, tell you wat me also not being sentimental. I hardly say the words i love you eventhough to the closest one..

  18. Claire, tell you wat me also not being sentimental. I hardly say the words i love you eventhough to the closest one..

  19. Receive in gratefulness n love :)

  20. Thank you thank you,,," give birth to boys better" THANK YOU THANK YOU, HAHAHAHAHH.

    Anyway, Fernie will do the expected one, the girl she is........

    I am sure you are a goodest mother to the three of them,,, so you are very old old,, you hou men sure one lah

  21. you are obviously a true mom!!!!!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  22. Ahhh!!!! You have the SWEETEST kids! You're very lucky! You certainly must've done a really great job raising them! This is the kind of stuff that lucky and deserving moms should have!

    Thanks for sharing,


  23. nice share! they each have their different ways of showing their appreciation. Kids will miss their parents more when they are away from home..don;t you think so?

  24. Your son is just as sweet as I am... Hahaha

    So happy for you Claire =)

  25. Your sons are so sweet. A potential good husbands in future. By the way, your girl is due for exam, that is why she didn't express much.

  26. The little girl is very focus and nice of the two boys with the T and the incomparable sms.

  27. This just shows what a wonderful mother you are my dear...hope it isn't too later to wish you a great Mother's day!

  28. wah.... can feel so much love from your sons!!!! "lum sei lor" hahahaha! i hope my kids grow up to be as loving as your sons :-).

    your girl... wait till she got married, then you'll be her closest friend ever! i'm an example :-D.

  29. opps... Happy Mother's Day to you, Claire!!!

  30. haha.. Boys better haaa...
    Btw, Happy Mother's day reana.. So sweet your boys.. :)

  31. isaac: i m sure boys and girls are too!

    chris: wah..to hear this from u, i happy liow!

    gratitude: oh dear. my hand not long enough la.. hahaha..

    ginny: yes, she is the princess!

    stp: so mine is normal then!

    angelin: hahaa..sure melt one!

    hayley: yeah, outstanding! hahaa..

    yeeling: i think same as my girl then!

    rachel: yes, thanks be to God!

  32. eugene: all blessings from God.. your sons are great too!

    cloudia: all of us are!

    pete: yes..

    lexie: thanks!!

    agnes: absence makes the heart grow fonder is true!!

    daniel: i agree with you!! hahaa..

    sheohyan: no girlfrens yet.. any potentials? hehehe..

    bananaz: for now, they are wonderful.. hahaa..

    boeyjoey: hey, thanks!! yours will be too!

    stella: thanks! same to u too..

  33. haha. ur girl's reaction was very cute.


    happy belated mother's day.

  34. LOL!! I always thought that girl are more expressive and sentimental. But your boys prove me wrong *happy happy now, that I have a son and thought he would fly away from the nest and forgotten about his old mother at home. Got hope already....*

  35. auww! so sweeet la the message! :D n ur girl .. hahaha maybe she got another surprise for u?? :p

  36. Wow... the boys r so sweet n thotful with their gifts n words. And ur girl's showing her love by concentrating on her studies n doing well in her exam. Wonderful kids u hv there. Happy Belated Mother's Day to u, Claire!

  37. medie: thanks!

    yvonne: boys girls.. all same nowadays!

    caroline: her surprise to me will be her results.. hahaha...

    slavemom: thanks! same to u too!

  38. fuyoh.. 'lum' until 'melt' liao lor.. these few days no need sugar also everything sweet...

    you know what.. ppl say hor (see ah, ppl say one, not me say) son before married is all yours, after married is all the wife one.. hahahah.. just joking ah..


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