Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bitter Sweet Suffering!

After fetching Aaron from the airport, we went to SS2 to look for his "favourites." He took over the wheel... mama here was very exhausted already by then... in fact, I was not feeling well, stomach cramps on and off... but then, that did not deter me from "walloping" these...

I guess the temptation was too hard to resist...... and I paid the price ...

in place of Adam's apple,
it was the durians that tempted me..
this durian is called Red....
Gorgeously Sweet!

and this XO XO durian made me "drunk"
Bitter .... and yet Salivating Sweet!!

we just ordered two of these...
it cost RM19 for one kilogram..


BitterSweet Temptation!!

Ok, time to pay up..
Two durians cost RM54.00 ($18usd)

In fact there were a few stalls along the SS2..
but Aaron said this gives the best quality...

Well, best quality or not...
I am now down with "Durian Fever"
Just drowned down two 500mg of paracetamol..
This is really Bitter Sweet Suffering! LOL...


  1. Gosh! So expensive, but never mind. Not eating everyday...and anything for anak! That's a parent's love, true and true...

  2. P.S. If father-in-law, also will do the same. Hehehehe!!!! Shhhhh!!!!

  3. stp: gosh.. i must ask aaron to read this!! someone is really "salivating" for marriage.. hahahaa..

  4. Well, if the durian has the quality that you're craving for then it's all worth it. No kidding huh!!!!! ha...
    Have a great weekend.

  5. OMG... Kathy, Kathy!!! U hear saw that or not? Faster play matchmaker for Claire and Cikgu's anak!!! Den we got good excuse to terbang to Sibu! LOL~!

  6. Sibu Foochow...big ang pao for matchmaker, yunno...if jadi! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  7. The most expensive durian I ever bought was a durian from Muar. 1 pc = RM60.

    OMG! So jealous looking at you guys enjoying those durians!!!! @.@

  8. OMG.. the durians look darn good!!!!!!!!!!taste must be awesome. but a bit too pricy liao...

  9. kristy: u too.. great weekend!

    cleff: supposed to be a shh shh issue!! only the old people are talking, the young are ignorant about this!

    stp: wahhh.. who is going to get big an pau...

    lina: one durian 60? wowo!!!

    yingying: yes, memang mahal!! but eat to experience..

  10. SO... SO... SO... expenxiv woh...

  11. Claire, see tomorrow's post in my blog... LOL!!!

  12. pam: so so so right!!

    kathy: hor pau hang hang now...

    stp: gosh.. about matchmaking?? LOL.....

  13. favorite!

  14. that's real expensive! hey, i just ahd dinner today at soon hoong rest after you seeing that in your earlie posts..that tom yum soup was delicious but i think the price there also not cheap..

  15. Honestly I am thinking hat nutrients does durian have?

  16. aiyoo! dnt take too much durian ah! :D

  17. When I saw the durian's makes me feel hungry.
    I jz brought back some durian pancake from my taste superb.

  18. this stall also offer buffet style durian de wor... and pls go drink more salt water or add salt to coke to ease the fever.. take care..

  19. How do you feel now, Claire? Are you O.K.? Gee, hope you don't get sick while Aaron is there!

  20. durians... ohhh love them hehe :D should try the other side one. cheaper i think. :P

    nyways, get well soon!

  21. isn't durian that stinky fruit with unpleasant smell? :)))


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