Monday, May 2, 2011

Star Or Stare At Ipoh Bus Station

Dropped Aaron at the bus station after lunch. It has been several years since I last dropped by this main bus station at Medan Gopeng. What greeted us was the dimness, I could say it was extremely "dark" at the parking lot. The florescent lights were in poor conditions due to the vast area. One had to be very careful in this parking area, not of muggers but of being tripped over by those "strings" or dropped right into the drains leading to the bus counters. Gosh... you will get what I mean when you go visit this station ..... all I can say is... Ipoh will definitely lose a lot of marks rating in this bus station!

I didn't snap any pictures of the parking lot... no use.. cos it was too dark... what comes out might be some black pictures.. lol... much darker than this picture below...

much darker than this picture!

passengers waiting for the bus...
so hot outside.. and of course dusty too...

and what is this??? aiyoh!!
Star Rating? Nil
Stare Rating? 10/10
People will stare... (jatuh standard)


  1. the last photo send to The Star Newsppr, maybe u get rm50

  2. that also can ah...

  3. Thanks for the follow! I'm following your blog too.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Omg, and its the main bus station?? >< looks horrible!

  5. That's not the worst yet, Claire... Come to Taiping bus terminal (not Kamunting's) to see the most disgraceful ugliness of Malaysia bus station.

  6. terrible! Hey, my...I mean your son gone back to Singapore already kah? When's the next trip? Come lah...come to Sibu - you fly from KL, he flies from here.

  7. veronica: thanks !

    isaac: this is from the outside.. where we wait for the bus..

    pam: i dont want to see.... i can imagine liow..

    stp: yeah..flew back by AA... what to do.. no leave yet..

  8. Malaysia builds then end of story.
    Maintenance is never a priority.

  9. aiyo so bad state now in the bus station ah? cham lor.. I used to go when it's nearly built..

  10. Sis... Next time take air Asia la! Btw, maybe it's time to bring Aaron out for makan in s'pore !

  11. gratitude: :)

    cynthia: sigh...

    chrisau: he took AA but have to travel to LCCT ..

  12. The last picture shows so much promise of what could be. I'm sure some nice plants that grew well in shade would be such an improvement.
    Thank you for visiting me and leaving a message so I knew you were there. :)

  13. amy: can say like that..

    medie: hahhaaa...

    grace: thanks for coming by..

  14. it's a shame, isnt it? the building itself actually looks very nice, i guess another few more months from now, that area will look even worse..

  15. OMG, you were memang there. I think i bumped into you this afternoon. I was there too to catch a bus at 1.30pm today. I saw a lady with a cool sunglass, walking towards a red Vios with a friend. I takut salah orang, that's why didn't greet you >.< anyway, Gopeng bus station is seriously in need of a makeover. It's quite run down, and the carpark area is dark too..

  16. I think most of the bus stations are like that-dirty! :/

  17. i don't quite like the bus station too..looks very unsystematic.

  18. Looks like we just found our location for the next big budget horror film.


  19. aiyoh, that is just so an unpleasant view.. haha!! i agree with SmallKucing, send it to The Star and maybe you could win RM50~~ :p

  20. Hi Reana, Holy Smoke! The bus terminal manager must have eye problems....should be terminated for having such a dirty state terminal.
    I guess the country even though beautiful, its the people, like the manager here who spoil things.

    Now with h/p cameras, the more reason to be clean and tidy, with Reanaclare on the prowl, ha ha.
    Stay safe, keep well.

  21. It has been ages since I went to that bus station too! Used to go there quite often during my college days.
    Don't remember it being that bad, but knowing the "typical M'sian" maintenance, I'm not surprised!

  22. Aiyo... chamz, Cikgu is luring again. Hahaha...

    I think ah, Claire, Ipoh is not the only place that's like this. :( Pudu oso dirty!

  23. HAHAHA, Penang under PR is so much better now, i was at the KOMTAR this othere, a place that i used to loathe going,,To my surpise, it was all nicely maintain and very comfy already,(minus some reno that's being carried out) the bus station looks so geng, somemore with LCD screen showing the ETA of buses.

    You see sometimes CHANGE is good, and the good news is here in Penang, we will keep that CHANGE,, if only you knew what i meant? hahhaha

  24. Ewww... no maintenance/house keeping ka?

  25. The first two pics are fine...not the last pic...

  26. Been there once. Not a memorable one too

  27. Perhaps, you should let the Opposition know about this. After all, opposition main job is to "point" which is quite effective.

  28. lena: cannot expect much..

    yingying: serious?? u should hv called me.. but i dont know how u look like wor.. i must run to your blog now! hahaha.. yes, the car park, i nearly tripped la!

    tekkaus: we understand better, right?

    wenn: very chap!

    daniel: u nearly made me laugh out loud .. hahaha..

    sk: this one is so common la...

  29. u.Lee: actually not surprising over here!

    ginny: yeah, only two days off!

    adrine: yes, nothing so surprising if in MY...

    cleff: i heard pudu now very nice chor..

    eugene: Make a change as sung by Juwita...

    mery: hahahaa...

    hayley: no landscaping..

    BF: careful in the car park...

    william: too much work on their hands la..

  30. No lah, Claire... pudu still quite kotor. :( Just certain part of pudu nice only. Wud a shame!


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