Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day In "Bed-Minton"

Badminton finals is live at 6pm... this evening our few players will be vowing to win in the finals, Lee Chong Wei playing against Bao Chun Lai, our mixed doubles, Chan Peng Soon/Loh Gui Peng and our men doubles pair Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong are playing against the Indonesians...

Well, by hook or by crook I wanna watch this competition, don't be surprised if you can see me in Alor Setar Stadium.... I might end up watching it Live there... so if you see me on TV this evening, do drop me a comment... hahahaha....

Just kidding, most probably I will be home.. skipping dinner or perhaps just order a home delivery dinner... well, that is me An Addict fan! Pity my poor girl.. she has to bear this...

Oh by the way, it is Mother' Day today..... I am sure many mother bloggers are having a great time tonight... as for me, I will be enjoying my day in bed..... er.. I mean watching my favourite badminton in bed... *wink*



  1. We don't have a T.V. in the bedroom, but have thought about it. How many do you have? Hope you have a great Mother's Day, Claire

  2. Bed my ass. Grrrr... lst nite I slept early cuz I was dead tired, den in the morning, woke up, that nimwit of a brat played in the kitchen and poured oil all over the house and I'll be spending my bloody mother's day mopping all over the house til clean! Wow. Tak kasi me present, but kasi me problem. And to think that this is the first time I slept at night in YEARS!!! #!@#$!@$@#@!%$

    I want to resign from being a mother. I'd send this brat to boarding school and see him once a year if I could! I had enough. And before anyone on their high horse tries to calm me down, I think they shud try to live with such brats first~!

    Neway, happy mother's day, Claire. Hope urs will be better than mine. (Surely it is). And dun bother greeting me back. For once... i dun need to be reminded that I am someone's mother. :(

  3. Happy Mother's Day. Hope yours not like Cleff's - she needs to work at becoming super mom to her son and her old baby! LOL!!!

  4. Hi Reana, happy mother's day.
    Best regards.

  5. Happy Mother's Day, Claire.

  6. Happy Mother's Day Claire!! You have a good bedminton day ya XD

  7. Happy Mother's day! You're really a big fan of badminton...

  8. Alamak Claire, ur post title sexcited me only! :P Happy Mother's Day to u!

  9. Happy Mother's Day Claire.. and enjoy your bed-minton ya... I don't know if I will be watching.. but I bet if tomorrow I see the headlines, means we won la..


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