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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BitterSweet Memories In Parkson

Almost everyday I have to take my little girl for lunch after school... here and there, we will go.. the other day we went to Parkson Grand food court and my mind was filled with bittersweet memories again...

It was in Parkson Grand where my husband last worked... he started working there when the mega mall was being built ... and he passed away when the first phase was finished.... His office was beside the food court those days and we used to go there for lunch and even dinner with the kids...

Fourteen years later, this mega mall has expanded so much....

heard the chee cheong fun is good here...

my girl and I ordered the same food...

they even have varieties...

for dessert, we have lemon jelly...
Well, sweet or bitter memories, life have to go on...
Just Eat and Be Merry.......right....


  1. so sad but life has to go on..btw, i used to go there but not anymore.

  2. you are a very strong person and a good mother, Claire :)

    psst...i've tried the CCF at the food court too. it was good :P

  3. Yes, life goes on. I'm sure he would be so proud of you, how you've managed to singlehandedly raise three find already graduated and working, dunno when he'll want to get married... ;-)

  4. wenn: not as popular as JJ, right?

    barb: that is the only thing which is good.. hahaha...

    stp: *so touching*.. ok, when will our kids get married ah? (aiks.. i mean your girl.. when ah.. and i wonder when my boy will get girlfriend)

  5. yeah, life has many ups and downs and lots of surprises and unexpectation.. we just have to bear with it, and be grateful that we are still alive for another day.. :)

  6. Hi Claire, Memories can be good --but they can also be bad... I can understand why you feel that way when you go to that Food Court. Bless Your Heart... I cannot imagine LOSING my husband...

    Hugs for YOU,

  7. sk: yes.. truly life is precious..

    betsy: thanks.. do treasure our love ones..

  8. yes.. life goes on... and let's treasure those alive and kicking! ;D

  9. Oh Claire, you are such a strong person and I know not many people can take it despite that fact that life goes on. But you have made it thru.

    As what stp said...he would be very very proud of you.

    Keep it up, Claire.

  10. so is the chee cheong fun good? i've only been to the food court once..many many years ago.


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