Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gelatomio, Here We Are....

After all the work stress, I decided to take a short holiday up north with my kids.... away from work in office, away from housework... very endless chores each day. Unlike in the hotel room, nothing needs to be done... phewww... it is such a BIG relief for someone lazy as me.... hahahaa....

Anyway, thank God we can get away for a short holiday before school reopens on Monday....

we were here yesterday....
walking only.. no shopping..
thank goodness....

quite quiet during Friday lunch...
maybe not much sales promotion...

after a long walk, we decided to rest our weary legs..
and "exercise" our mouths instead....

let me think... what shall I order.. hmmm...


each of us chose a scoop....

Three of us shared these
hahaha... very kiamsiap of me..


  1. u so cute when u r thinking eh? :D

  2. 3 scoops u call kiamsiap ah? if me got one scoop only leh.. haha..

  3. merryn: thinking of how much to pay!! hahaha...

  4. I like Gelatomio too. I come here w my kid for a dairy free treat.

  5. Your face and smiles made the food more appetizing! Such a big plate of calories! Ha ha ha...

  6. You look so contented. :) I haven't tried before.

  7. You are in Penang eh~ Look very familiar it's Gurney Walk :p

  8. i am straving:-)
    take care Miss Claire

  9. I love that second picture! Oh, the ice-cream crepes look SO good!!! You are just as cute as can be! And I love that shot of you and your girl, who took it?

  10. Penang! Gurney Plaza! Stayed at g-hotel kah? One night...the money is enough for airfare for 2, KL-Sibu return...and still got change. Saw Air Asia advertise the other day - RM29 (all inclusive)!

  11. elaine: why the food we like cannot lose weight one? hahaha..

    twilight: 3 of us shared.. so ok lar!

    wenn: ipoh doesnt have that.. sigh..

    mummygwen: yes.. eating time very contented one..

    tz: wah..u r so familiar with penang!

    veta: u too! thanks!

    ginny: my son took it...

    stp: gosh time i better think twice before posting any outstation photos.. hahahaha...

  12. I was there too, how come no see you one,, sori sori sori, i was caught up inside the cinema of Xman ,,,hahhahah

    thank you for spending in Penang, even it was only three scoops of ice cream,, on behalf of PR ,,thank you,,hahhahah

  13. Oh, so that's gelatomio. Never tried their gelato before because I usually eat at Gelatisimmo (available at Gurney too...)

  14. oh yeah, since the weather is so warm recently, it's just nice to enjoy the ice cream in air-conditioned malls right?? :)

  15. My family took a two days break to Kota Baru during the last Agong Birthday Holiday.

    Just kept driving.

  16. Have fun in Penang! I personally have not tried this place yet :)

  17. Have'nt been to Gelatomio yet..that must have been a cold exercise for the mouth, yummy!

  18. Ooo... looks nice and yummy la the ice cream crepe. What flavour issit? Vanilla choco?

  19. never bring me there :(

  20. I am back folks!! It is also my first time eating there.. Penang has so much varieties that Ipoh has not.. in a way, save my pocket and also not to gain weight.. hahaha...

    cleff: forgot what flavour already.. my kids chose two, myself asked for hazelnuts..

  21. Wow, that's heavenly. I should go and indulge in some of those now :)


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