Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tunnel Jam

Friends always used to comment about me driving alone going out of town... they asked me whether I feel afraid or worried in any way when I drive alone. Well, I said I have no choice, frightened or not, I got to do it. But of course, I do not drive on lonely roads or even at night. I am real scared then...

I don't like to be caught in a jam too... but I was "caught" once in the tunnel on the way back to Ipoh.... I was thinking... "cham... what happened? Why aren't the cars moving?" Stuck in the middle of the tunnel reminded me of the movie "Daylight" ....

Stuck in the Tunnel


  1. Sometimes I do feel scared when driving alone, especially at night or at area I'm not familiar with...

  2. hayley, yes, i am also afraid to drive in the dark and especially on highways and lonely roads.. my eyes cannot see so well..

  3. Got tunnel kah? Can't remember... LOL!!!


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