Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not Peking But Hongkong Ducks

After our breakfast in Perak Stadium, we proceeded to Hong Kong restaurant... no, no, not to eat again, of course not.... Ling's hubby wanted to try the Hong Kong crispy duck, he got to know that this place is famous for its crispy duck. That is the wonder of blogs, they are very informative especially when it comes to Food!
Canning Garden main road......

along the five foot way in front of the shop..

right timing... 11am...

they were just out from "wherever they are"

the lady boss is very friendly...

her own secret recipe..

the meat is tender and succulent..
while the skin is sort of "crispy"

all wrapped up and ready to go...

Actually I have not taken this Hongkong Duckie for a long time
there is a reason why I cannot take...
I think no one can guess why.. :)


  1. Thanks Claire for taking us there..we get to enjoy the yummylicious's real good. For sure we will come back time must try the honey chicken!!

  2. ling, i think if eat there hot and nice, lagi shiok! hahaha.. i have yet to try too.. next time i will go around 11am to catch the freshness too!

  3. LoL! Kena jangkit! Look at her pose! tsk tsk...

  4. Fatty plump plump duckie,
    running high on cholesterol...

  5. i love to eat roasted duck meat too.. esp those with crispy skin. :) y you cannot take duck wor... ? hmm.. skin sensitive? i heard that duck meat is more "poisonous" than other meat.

  6. hehehe, i guess both style also nice lah.. and i also love the teochew braised duck!! especially the gravy, i can just have it with rice and there gone my bowl of rice without any other dishes needed, haha~~

  7. You can't eat the duck? Now I want to know why, you are allergic? The poor thing still has it's head!! Don't think I could buy one...did you take it home or eat it there? You asked me about the mountains in my post, where they are. This is where I live, The Blue Ridge Mountains, I see them out my window everyday!

  8. Yup...much nicer eaten on the spot - piping hot. At home, I would heat it up a bit in the oven - just for a while so that it would not be dry and hard. I love duck! I wonder why you don't eat it... Slurpsss!!!

  9. merryn: hehehe..

    pam: i thought it is skinny?

    yingying: u r very right.. toke!

    sk: cooked with ginger also nice!

    ginny: wow.. no wonder u can always capture the sunset..

    stp: allergy la.. cannot take.. but sometimes curi makan too..

  10. i love roasted duck! :p especially when the skin in crispy and meat is tender! :D oh how come cannot take it??

  11. and so that's Lind in Da House..... why you cannot take duck,,mmmmmmmmmm, may be you cannot stand the smell of or not?

  12. Hongkong duck? hmm it's sweet or salty one? Looks good. Next round i go there ya..wink wink

  13. carol: old liow.. cannot take.. hahaa..

    eugene: sweet right?

    kathy: i told ling that kat wont chap shu one.. hahaa...

  14. This is what the call, crispy in the outside and tender juicy in the inside. :D

  15. sonia: this is Ipoh special duck!

    tekkaus: this is also called succulent? :)

    daniel: quack quack!

    hayley: hmm... too bad i cannot eat as yet..

  16. I seriously must make a trip to Ipoh for food..abuthen..Philip dont like makan

  17. Let me are borned in the year of the duck so cant eat duck? hahaha. Some Chinese sinseh recommend not ot eat duck too often say got "tok" woh. But biz for ducks keep increasing. tQ.

  18. rachel: i would love to meet you.. philip no makan much? then we feed him with some kids' stuff and we go makan adult's stuff.. hahaa..

    bananaz: u r very smart!! hahaha..

  19. looks delicious, but I would want that head and neck cut off before I put it on the table. LOL

  20. hmm, let me guess, after milk phobia must be duck phobia!!

  21. can u share the shop name and the address? :)

  22. the duck looks so delicious!!!! I want !!!

    im ur new follower from sabah , 22 years old chinese girl !

  23. Hong Kong Duck? Not Hong Kong "siew ngor". Yum yum, my two boys just love to eat duck!!!


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