Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blogger Meet Up In Perak Stadium

Yes, a special guest cum blogger from Kuala Lumpur came yesterday but unfortunately I was unable to meet her up... (sorry ye!) .. so this morning, early early I woke up and drove to one shop in Kampong Simee to get her some fresh egg tarts ... a gesture for forgiveness.. hahahaa.. . just kidding!!

At 9.30am we met up at the hotel lobby ... after some exchanging of "gifts" (just kidding again), we went for our breakfast... their request is my command... hahaha... they wanted the food at Perak Stadium....

Something was on at the stadium and it was so packed... I mean the parking.... anyway, we had a nice simple breakfast there... too bad some stalls were not opened.. never mind, do come again another time!

took them for the best koay teow soup...
(kath, you took this before....)
this was the only food pic I managed to take..
cos my hp battery going to conk out anytime..

the two sweet lovely princess-es...

the two "queens".. hahahahaa....
sorry.. I mean one queen and one dowager!! hehehe...

After our breakfast, they wanted to go get a Hongkong Duck!!
Seems they know better than me...
More Hongkong Duck pictures tomorrow!!


  1. So nice of you Claire! If i were to visit Perak, can you bring me around too? :)

  2. haha.. so that is why Ethel is missing from class! :P

  3. isaac: u ah? i got to save up money first.. cos i see u no take food from hawker stall... :)

    merryn: aiyah..bocor rahsia already!

  4. Isaac, sure she will! Treated me to such a nice and sumptuous lunch when I went to Ipoh!

  5. Berjamu selera ...sambil berkenalan.

  6. LOL... Ling shared her tarts with me, Claire. Thank you so much for the yummy tarts. I love it.

  7. woah...who's that gorgeous babe? hehehe... Perak Stadium...i thought only meet for football and badminton.

  8. stp: lol.. not really la..

    zmah: yeah, betul...

    cleff: hahaa..hope you like them.. they were warm this morning.. freshly baked..

    chris: the two princesses? hehehe..

  9. Did the little girls come with your blogger friend? I have heard of Peking duck, but not Hong Kong! Can't wait to see it!

  10. Your blogger friends are so young...

  11. fast geh. Claire...that's the tarts i wanted to get but the day before it was late, so didnt manage to go that place. But when i saw this from you..i was like...voila!! ahhahhaha...thanks Claire for taking me to the best tao foo fa..yumm!!!

  12. ginny: then u must see... hahaa..

    pam: meaning i m old? *grin*

    yeeling: ipoh has lots more to offer... but too bad not enough time.. next trip meet up again with the others!

  13. yum yum lau hao sui jor see the noodle...the ice blended red bean soya got open ka? ho sik la

  14. kathy, i didnt take the photos.. hope ling will put them up.. :)

  15. Wow...another blogger meet up. Famous hoh you. Everyone wants to meet up with you. :)

  16. guys must had nice of you claire:)


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