Friday, June 24, 2011

Three Plus One In Bercham

While taking Labbie for a walk, my neighbour who stayed a few doors away called out to me... We ladies ended up chatting at the gate while Labbie sat down patiently..... As usual, we talked about our kids and the ending topic landed on food...

She recommended this shop in Bercham which serves steamed soup in coconut shell... but I didn't order this just now... I ordered these instead...

steamed lotus and groundnuts soup..

steamed eggs with fish slices (ikan kerapu)

sambal long beans

we were the only customers...
when we entered and when we left.. lol..

a smile without "teeth"

a smile with "teeth"
No connection with the food above....hahaha
Anyway, the food was actually alright...
I wouldn't mind going there again...

..with a complimentary red bean dessert..
The boss came out and asked me about the food..
I told her frankly that the food was fine..
but it would be better if the red bean desssert
is served warm than "fridge cold"

Zhi Yin Yang Yan (opposite Tesco Extra)
32, Bercham Bistari 1
Medan Bercham Bistari


  1. oh, i love lotus root and peanut soup, my favourite.. hehe, actually i think cold red bean soup is also nice woh, very cooling mah.. :)

  2. not too bad it looks, nice dessert to go with it.

  3. The steam egg with fish looks good.

  4. The long beans look good...but RM10!!! Not cheap or...

  5. I spotted that shop quite some time ago but never been there. The steamed fish is a unique one. Will show it to my Dad and force him to eat there. Thanks for sharing.

  6. sk: i prefer it warm.. fridge cold is not like fresh..

    nava: free dessert.. hahaa..

    mery: yeah, something different..

    stp: a lot.. me and my girl couldnt finish..

    pam: forced ah? hahaha.. hey, drink that coconut soup and tell me nice or not..

  7. seen the sigboard but never been there, i thought it's a steamboat restaurant..

  8. cold red bean dessert.. Yup, i would have preferred it warm too! XD

  9. Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  10. Are you going to try the coconut bowl food?

  11. Hmm... steamed soup in coconut shell is something special. You didn't try it out, eh? RM7.00 is considered reasonable because that bowl of soup is filled with lots of ingredients :O

  12. soup looks good.. feeling like having soup now.. ;-p

  13. Simple food actually.. now what shall we eat tonight.. :)

  14. Steamed egg with fish? I have never seen such a dish before. :p

  15. Coconut steam soup can be very heaty . Try not to drink on hot weather day

  16. tekkaus: first time for me too..

    kathy: is it? then i better not take..

  17. *drooling* the food look good leh.. however, it's a bit pricy for the long beans to be priced the same as the steam fish o.
    i miss my grandma's lotus and groundnut soup! will put it in the menu for this weekend :)


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