Thursday, June 23, 2011

Words Don't Come Easy To Me

Sitting here staring at the screen...

These days... my mind... the brain.. my grey cells... is like "blank!"

I looked through folders after folders... screening through photos to bring some ideas... but.. no avail...

The song.. "Words... don't come easy to me.... how can I find a way... to make you see... "

Funny it is tonight... words really don't come easily these days....

Should I blame it on my work pressure? Not enough rest? From 6am till 12midnite daily... my mind is working non stop... but then if it does not work or think, I would be in Happy Hospital, Tg. Rambutan... right?

I guess it is one of those days again... blame it on PMS....

(quote from Desperate Housewives)


  1. take care.. hope your words be back soon..

  2. claire, it is menopause ! Mood changes , taste changes , then health changes.I can feel i grow old overnight. Oh it's frightening.

  3. cyn: perhaps.. or it will be loose like this..

    may: hey there!! now i know why.. i think it is all bec of you.. cos i miss u so veli muchi!! :0

  4. At this stage, having mood swings is absolutely normal ... just take it easy. I always remind my students to be more understanding when their mothers are experiencing similar changes. Think positive and everything will be alright.

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  6. Same here.. words don't come easy. I think I was affected with a very personal problem that I only stare at the computer and read and read blogs even if I have to write a blog. It will pass, I assure you :)

    Namali yung link kaya dinilete ko hehe

    Take care and God bless!

    Walk Through My Notebook

  7. Ah, I know the feeling well...have been through all that many times! I have experienced the "what did I come into this room for" blankness, "oh gosh, who am I calling" as the phone is ringing, etc.,etc. Hope all is well with you!

  8. pam: actually i m not sad or what.. it is just that i cannot administer what i want to write about.. blank!

    lisa: sometimes i have lots to write.. sometimes i have to think deeply.. and sometimes, i do not want to think at all.. :)

    cheryl: oh, those are very familiar.,, hahhaa..

  9. Sometime I'm like you, I think the only solution is switch off the PC and have an early night.
    Have a good rest Claire :)

  10. Go get a good rest. Maybe tmw u'll experience blog diarrhea. hehehe

  11. I've had weeks like that. One things I have learned is when the inspiration strikes, I write as much as I can and stack the posts up as drafts so I don't get stuck. I only learned this the hard way though! I found you through VoiceBoks and am now a follower!
    Yankee Texan Mom

  12. I'm sure all bloggers have this experience once in a while. On such days, either you take a break off blogging, or simply post a YouTube song or even just a picture! Haha!

  13. hmmm, i don't think so it's gonna do with menopause lah, sometimes we just get mind-block, it happens to me sometimes also having totally no idea what to blog about..

  14. LOL.. last statement.. ^_^.. but.. may be?? nvr knw.. :D

  15. Maybe you need a short blog break to re-energize yourself? Then maybe things will start coming to you really fast? Just a few days to see what happens. Maybe your brain is overloaded.

  16. I'll give you a tip, Claire. Drink Lipton tea and get inspiration. No kidding wan. it contains Hirameki to help the brain to relax and be more active. I drink that... very often. LOL!

  17. i hope that you'll feel better again soon ;)

  18. You need a break - go to someplace where you can do nothing,just laze around...enjoy the good food...and the good company...and you know where that is! Hehehehehe!!!

  19. ann: i did that last night! :p

    slavemom: i like the word.. blog lai si.. hahaha..

    yankee: thanks!!

    foongpc: good suggestion! yes!

    sk: yes, something like blocked mind... true..

    cath: it is true vert...

    ginny: i am thinking the same thing too...

    cleff: like that ah.. see my house got or not..

    miki: thanks!!

    stp: and the place starts with capital S ends with U.. heheheehe.. see, my mind is still working right!

  20. Relax! Everything's gonna be alright! :)
    Hope you're having a great Friday morning!

  21. Poor thing! Dun worry sis, I come back and bring you out makan makan , ok ?

  22. Maybe you are too tired? :D Have more rest and everything will be ok again.

  23. claire, dont ikut cleff..drink tea at night later malam kenot zz cham lo.

  24. Are you pointing fingers at MEN to give all the MENopause and MENstrual problem? hahaha. Sorry MEN said you NO PAUSE woh...~;).

  25. May be you can take 5 to 10 minutes to do some meditation. Very simple, you just tell yourself softly that you love yourself, you are sorry to yourself, you forgive yourself, and you thank yourself. This is the self healing theraphy. It works on me.

  26. why want to put stress on yourself? if u got nothing to write, just skip it.

    Another thing...why not save money n buy ipad? i m sure ipad can cure ur urge to blog, n keep ur mind really alert!!!!! REAL ONE!!!

  27. so u watch desperate housewives..!!??
    my fave lar tu...hehehe..anyhow, take it easy dear, take care n have a nice weekend!

  28. I get days like these ALL THE TIME.. hahahaha. Well weekend is around the corner, hope you'll find your inspiration!

  29. Yeay! U oso Desperate Housewives' kaki! hehe.. not enuf sleep lah u. last nite i slept at 9 n woke up at 8 this morning! Felt refreshed like never before :D

  30. Oooops...tired mind! I think you are just overworked. You are still young. I think you need a good holiday somewhere...and good food, too! :D Please take care. Sleep early and I'm sure we are going to hear lots of interesting stuff from you :D

  31. hayley: lots of work here! :)

    chris: i hold on to those words!

    tekkaus: super tired..

    kathy: dont worry, i wont.. she is also never get fat.. so i cannot follow her.. hahaha..

    bananaz: bingo!!

    yan: i dont hate myself.. in fact i love me. hahaha.. it is only that my mind was blank...

  32. rachel: i must get rid of this night no write up is like no kick! chamzz..

    luciana: i watched the trailer few times.. hahaa...

    kiasumum: so i m not alone..

    merryn: wow. u must be dead tired.. tired-er than me.. hahaa..

    marymoh: phew..that is a nice comment.. hahaha... someone said blog diahroea... hehehe..

    anonymous: i take omega fish oil each day.. thanks to that i can blog daily, i suppose? :p

  33. Up and down,, may be you are at the down mode now,, let it linger for a while,then it will soon be replaced with all the UPs ya..........

    PMS,,,, no prob... take more iron, magnesium, and vit c,,

    take care now ya

  34. LOL... Ha ha ha ha! I love that word Menopause On Pause!! You seem to be creative in words and should work as copywriter for advertising agencies. The salary is often highest!!

    On serious note, you might need to visit a spa OFTEN for a good massage to relax and rejuvenate! Also, do yoga!!

  35. Im like you sometimes, ha ha ha. No words will flow our from my mind.

    So, am I having early menopause? I reckon not?! ;)

    Take some ginko biloba, I heard it helps.


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