Thursday, July 28, 2011

Difference Between Bus Express Terminal Penang And Ipoh

Three of us boarded a bus express direct to Penang and it stopped at Sungai Nibong. The moment my friend stepped down from the bus, she commented that the terminal in Penang is so different from our Ipoh bus terminal.

Ipoh one is an eye sore compared to this Penang one...(refer to this post)

So neat, tidy and systematic too!
The row of lanes and the platform numbers....

whereas in Ipoh, the buses were everywhere...
practically the passengers have to run to search for them!

Penang Bus Terminal with platform numbers...

I remember one time I missed the bus in the Ipoh terminal...
I couldn't locate it and when I enquired, the girl told me that it had left...
That was a few years ago..
but till today, they never improve the system..
Guess you got to be more "alert" in the Ipoh bus terminal...


  1. Sibu's one also problem but then again I guess we do not have so many buses going to so many places. The waiting lounge here is not air-conditioned so it may be quite hot - what about there? Come to think of it - it may be a blessing as all kinds of people use the buses and the commuters maybe very smelly...

  2. Have you seen Taiping's? Also quite neat I'd say~

  3. The most systematic and modern-looking bus terminal is the newly-renovated Puduraya Bus Terminal. Equipped with air-conditioner, escalators, brightly-lit surrounding and huge signboards, it is perhaps even better than LCCT.

  4. haha, really a big big difference!! hmmm, have you also compared to one in KL?? :p

  5. stp: no choice then only i go bus stations. otherwise.. no go.. hahaa..

    hayley: i heard not nice also? dont know..never been yet..

    pam: i heard about it too.. but never been there yet.. should be brightly lit..last time was so rundown!

    sk: not yet.. heard it is very nice now..

  6. yeha, and i remember you also told us that the ipoh bus terminal is dirty too, with rubbish everywhere!

  7. true, ipoh bus terminal is rather messy..

  8. Puduraya used to be worse. But now I heard it's very comfortable already. Hope the next thing they improve will be Ipoh bus terminal la...minus the water down the roof

  9. haven't seen the one in ipoh yet, and now come to think of it, I havent seen the new Puduraya bus station too!

    As for the Penang bus station, it used to be my usual spot during my uni days as I sit the bus back to Penang every few months or so.

  10. That is too bad, maybe they don't have the money to fix it? Does government give the funds for these things?

  11. Because they are different companies run the show and nobody coordinate it. That's why I don't take any bus express in Ipoh nowadays , and if I have to , I only go for the one with "sendiri punya shop and parking" and you never missed, eg the "YOYO" (Bercham), Sri Maju or Alisan (sorry , not an ad here!!). And if to KL , I prefer to take train (ETS) than bus.

  12. I have not been stepping my foot on any bus terminal for very long already.

  13. I guess what they need is maintenance... perhaps privatize it or it already privatize?

  14. The bus terminal was built by BN gomen,yes but the maintenance back then bad, now PR gomen did a good job in maintaining it nice nice,,,,,,,

    actually Penang has improved tremendously lot since PR,,, too bad Perak, frogs killed it

  15. I think the one in Malacca is the best. ;p

  16. eugene: they are doing their best..

    tekkaus: i have yet to see!

    LV: yes, very!

  17. hahaha. ahem. politicise a bit can ah? hahahahhahahhahahahahha maybe the local gov didn't look at the bus terminal leh. LOL

    btw, ur ipoh terminal post, so conveniently got 2 lines at the bottom about tutoring one hor? hahahahahha pandainyer...

  18. Thanks Claire for the good comments of Penang bus terminal. I could not agree more with you. :)


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