Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gurney Breakfast And Penang Road Lunch

The very next morning, the three of them went for the complimentary buffet breakfast at the Gurney Hotel. My girl and I "sacrificed" ourselves and instead had a longer sleep in bed. After we checked out at around 11 plus, our stomach were already "growling." I wanted to eat at somewhere near our hotel but my girl insisted on going to Penang Road... all for Cendol... sigh..

as usual Penang Road is always jammed up with limited parking
and we had to walk quite a distance...

along the way, with a camera in hand...
what better thing to do than to take pictures, right?

we kept on walking and walking....
under the hot blazing sun....

ok... going to approach the shop.... soon...

nearer and near-er......

Finally reached....
the cendol stall hidden by customers...

walked all the way for this bowl of CENDOL!!

and laksa!!
the top 7th most popular food in the whole world!

Very quickly I ordered this to quench my hunger..

But a look on my sons' faces...
not a very positive sign, right?

Either they were still very full from their buffet breakfast
the food in Penang Road is not what they expected anymore...
So which is which?


  1. The kuey Teow th'ng looked neither appealing nor authentic. My favourite kuey teow th'ng stall is Ah Hor's at Lebuh Carnavon.

  2. Hahahaha!!! Ask your sons to come to Sibu and eat what we have here. Sure smiling from ear to ear....

  3. ken: not so sweet already...

    pam: yes, i think i know which one you meant.. it is along the five foot way?

    stp: hehehee... singing.. I believe I can fly...

  4. so proud of our penang laksa!

  5. pam: do you know, nearby there, there is one old couple selling egg tarts? and ma lai koe?

    lena: something good in laksa actually..

  6. Usually... I prefer those hawker western food when I'm in Penang... dono why... feel more sedap than those laksa, oh chien and whatnot. Some places really overrated and not really nice. I yet to blog about my trip to Penang oso. Hmmm...

  7. all the best food in penang are hidden in secluded corners and lanes, must have somebody who knows the way well before you can enjoy the true taste~~ :)

  8. Eh, did you meet up with Eugene again during this trip?

  9. cleff: yes, the lorongs and the lanes have the food..

    sk: i have yet to find out.. next time must consult Eugene

    Irene: no, I didnt.. no time lar.. dont want to kacau him also.. paiseh..

  10. Hahaha....I have been here before. The chendol was damn good!

  11. i would love that cendol and laksa!

  12. my trip to penang did not lead me to good food oso.. hopefully if i do drop by penang again, i'll get something nice.. at least a cendol lah :)

  13. I never heard about Cendol. It certainly doesn't look like anything I have eaten before.


  14. O.k., what IS cendol? And what is laksa? we never hear of them here. They look like soup of some kind? What is it that you got, that looks like the best of all!! Some kind of chicken soup or stew?

  15. chris: for tourists like us la..

    wenn: the laksa noodles a bit too soft this time..

    merryn: yes! you must go again!

    isaac: not so sweet liow..

    filip: this is an asian dessert.. with coconut milk and red beans..

    ginny: these are asian food, laksa is spicy and cendol is sweet dessert..

  16. wow!
    I'm now hungry, mmmmmm

    visiting you ms.claire :)

  17. Such a happy meal we could share!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

  18. You know what sis, we have a street similar to the feel and facade in Penang it is is Vigan, Philippines.

    The city government has passed a provincial resolution to restore & maintain the old facade of the houses and buildings to preserve the rich past and history of the place.

  19. But the cendol and laksa still make me drooling over here. You are blamed for making me taking my reserved lunch early by half an hour.

  20. Pulled a fast one on my Taiwanese counter part once saying cendol is green earthworm..hehe.

  21. yogi: come lets eat!!

    cloudia: greetings!!

    cielo: yes, same here.. preserve the heritage buildings!

    stella: *drool*

    yan: great!! then have early dinner too..

    bananaz: yes, last time when young, i was also told that!

  22. give me a bowl of Penang Laksa please, salivated here, YUm!

  23. Thanks heavens they didn't have the audacity to claim asam laksa as their own ;)

  24. wahahahahhaha. i NEVER liked asam laksa, ESPECIALLY PENANG one. wakakakakakakaka. i like sarawak laksa though.

  25. sonia: i m sure u can cook better!! :)

    gratitude: meaning?

    medie: sarawak laksa is like curry over here, right?

  26. Maybe the food in Penang is not that nice after all... :p

  27. tekkaus, dont go to tourists area..


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