Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lotus Rats Nuts Pancake Potatoes In Old Town

By the time the cock crowed three times this morning, we were already in old town having our stomachs filled.... We were very hungry... without waiting for the bell to ring, we were already sitting in the old coffeeshop, enjoying our first meal of the day.....

Old town is very quiet during the early morning...

along the way, there are authentic buildings in sight...

we have to walk through the lane before reaching our destination..

today's special soup is lotus, nuts and red dates soup..
RM4.50 per bowl with noodles ..

I ordered "rat noodles" immersed with in soup...
first time I am taking noodles with lotus...

Elin opted not for rats but mihun...
she was enjoying herself to the brim...

for desserts, we ordered groundnut pancake...
(apom balik - 70 cents per piece)

lastly but least, my meal is sealed with a big bowl
sweet potatoes in sweet syrup...
So.... after this heavyweight breakfast,
we skipped our lunch and went to zzzzzZZZZZZZZZ....


  1. The best way to end a lavish meal with the sweetest afters...

  2. hmmm, really a wholesome and heavy breakfast huh.. but i like all of them, the rat noodles, the peanuts and the potatoes.. :)

  3. Lolz.. after food sleep.. fat!! xD
    Nice food... where's this place??
    Never had rats noodles. Rm4.50 is cheap!!

  4. oh my word, that looks amazing! And so cheap some more! I miss Ipoh :(

  5. kathy: must exaggerate a bit!! hahaa..

    pam: u r very right! desserts is a must! gosh.. must lose some weight..

    sk: odd combination, right? hahhaa...

    june: oh forgot to write down.. the name of shop is Enam Belas.. old town ipoh..

    letti: where are u from? ok i go search for u..

  6. Wah, early morning can eat so much leh....I can only finish half a bowl of!

  7. OOh.. Food..
    Looks like this is turning into a food blog now.. Hehe

  8. A ratty affinity nowadays huh?! Lmao
    Looks delish though ;)


  9. pete: dont know why, empty stomach early morning can fill in a lot one!

    bella: sooner or later, i agree...

    Ant: yeah, i better stop eating that..

  10. your title scares me! i thought you found rat this time in your food! which coffeshop did you have this? never seen noodles in lotus root soup.

  11. haha, the way you named your title is really unique and creative XD

    why after makan terus zzzz?? :P

  12. The buildings are pretty, why do they call them rat noodles, what a horrid name!!

  13. Lotus root - good for heavy flow. LOL!!! I like when cooked terrayaki - not a fan of it in soup. Sweet potato...ok lah, my missus always cooks like that so I would not want to eat it if sold like that outside. Cucur very nice, sweet potato fritters. Apam balik - I prefer the thin type... Hehehehehe!!! Nice...old town.

  14. I know what your title refers to...haha! The "rats" looks yummy. A very unique lotus root combo!

  15. wow...the cock crows really early! But the nutritious soup with noddles sounds good for my boy. Love the deserts you had though...yummy! :)

  16. lena: it is in old town, name is Enam Belas coffeeshop..corner one..

    isaac: lunch time la.. cos still full ma..

    ginny: funny chinese.. dont know why they call it that.. hahaha..

    stp: why dare not eat it outside? not clean ah? this one very nice.. sweet...

    olive: yes, funny combination.. never mix with noodles before.. till now..

    ann: u should go try then.. opposite the sun leen yoong corner coffeeshop...

  17. What a way to start a day! The lotus soup with noodles is very special to me :D

  18. Mmm, the noodles is special and looks healthy!

  19. This lotus,nuts and red dates soup with noodles is so unique and delicious. I fall for it at my first glance.

  20. Today we both show great food, Blog Sister!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

  21. Nice shots of the restaurant. Which town is this?


  22. yvonne: funny to eat noodles with soup, right?

    hayley: first time for me.. so i tried..

    yan: each day they offer different soup..

    cloudia :ok i will hop over..!

  23. makan kenyang..hati senang! HAHAHA

  24. I want this lotus root soup again !!!! take me again :p

  25. oh which coffeeshop is this? you didn't take a pic of the coffeeshop?

  26. angelin: hati senang.. pergi tenang.. tidur!

    elin: tomorrow is salted vege soup,right?

    barb: the problem is... we always impromtu.. and i always forget.. ok, coffeeshop is Enam Belas.. opposite the Sun Luen Yoong..

  27. Very unique noodles, never tried b4 but looks good! Wah, such a heavy meal!

  28. shireen: that is why... lunch time cannot eat liow..

    wenn: i wanna look for u.. hahaa..

  29. wah, your title very catchy la! i like rats noodle too, chewy chewy :-D.

  30. Claire, I am from Johor, but worked at Ipoh Gen Hosp for several years in the early 2000s. Right now I'm in the States since late 2003.


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