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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mind My Blog...

This afternoon I was feeling very uncomfortable about one thing... and I need to be cautious about it from now on.

Recently there are some issues about food blogger being sued for writing negatively about some eatery outlets in their blogs. Being sued for commenting negatively is something we do not expect to happen to us.... After reading such cases, as bloggers, we really need to take some action to safeguard ourselves....

Another thing I need to take precaution is about the pictures I put on the blog here. I realize it is not safe anymore to put my photos or anybody's else pictures here. But of course, it is up to individual, I only cite for myself because something triggered off this afternoon that made me beware of what I write and put up in my blog..... cos... we never know... who is reading... who is watching...

Gosh, I made this sound like a thriller movie....


  1. LOL...too late many of your photos here already

    But you shoudnt worry la since your review tarak condemn one. Only constructive comments.

  2. To me, only post good food reviews if you like that place else don't bother about it. It's also not a good thing to criticize on others. As for pixs, I guess it's allright as this is your personal blog. However, if you are not comfy, do not post too many pixs.

  3. If it sux, it sux! We pay for decent food. Thus if we get crap, we should have the right to rant about it! Rofl

  4. kathy: yeah, now i will lessen.. still will post up.. but mine only.. hahhaa..

    chris: yeah... see how..

    ant: can rant then get sued or not?

  5. can even write reviews on food?? that's bad, isnt it?

  6. oh you are right, as soon as you're on the internet, you are already exposing yourself as this is a very open and public platform.. mind your words and try to be modest, hmmm, always cite that whatever you wrote is your own opinion.. :)

  7. Yes.. you are very right.. about been sued.. ayoo.. people just being honest.. sigh..

    But regarding about photos.. and information that been release in our blog.. our names.. address.. our kids Oh.. I am so particular about it.. That is why I never mention any of my kids name.. my hubby warn me not too..

    But still curious what is that news that make you so very very scared?

  8. Hi Claire, There's always a risk when we publish something ONLINE. It is PUBLIC knowledge... However, I'm not going to play the 'worry' game. I write my blog just for fun for the most part --and even though my pictures are MINE and mine alone, I'm sure people 'steal' them to use for themselves. I'm just not going to worry about it... Blogging is just so much fun!!!!! I want to keep it that way.


  9. I am in advertising industry and hear too much about copyrights and lawsuits. So I seldom want to blog about food so that I won't loose sleep.

  10. A good blog friend of mine got in trouble with blogger for putting a quote on her blog. Blogger told her it was against the agreement she signed. Apparently we all signed an online agreement when we joined blogger, but who can remember what it said? I wonder how we can go back and read it?

  11. Say good things...and if you must, give constructive criticisms...suggestions as to how it may be improved...and take photographs as evidence to back up.

    If you have witnesses with you to testify that what you've said is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, should be fine...and always say - it's your personal point of view, one man's meat is another man's poison so what you like, others may not...

    Anyway, me - small fry...who will bother about what I say? And big fat and ugly...who would want to take my photo for anything? For the BEFORE photos in those adverts maybe?

  12. P.S. Whatever has happened to the age-old maxim: The customer is always right? The customers are the ones with the money, the buying power...and they have the right to share their opinions with other customers so they will not be CHEATED as well e.g. into eating over-priced food that sucks big time at shady joints!!!

    So if my business is going bankrupt, I just go and sue a few I can recoup some money before I close shop? Absolutely ridiculous!

  13. is it means we will be expecting less pics in ur blog in future?? (sobs sobs.....)

  14. angelin, old habits die hard.. hahaha..

  15. lena: write constructive, so it says..

    sk: yes, now only I got to know that..

    cath: pictures of humans..

    betsy: yes, agreed! blogging is a platform to rant out...

    twilight: cos business ma.. if negative, habis! so we need to be diplomatic too..

    stp: hahahaa... u er.. anyway, yes, give credit when it is due.. if not good food, give constructive comments, but cannot overdo it too.. sue bloggers before closing up biz? wow.. u sound like a think tank.. hehehe...

  16. Hi Claire, I will shrink the image resolution before I put up the photos.

  17. I really don't know but i don't want to make blogging something i am fearful of.....................i blog what i strongly feel about

  18. i'm really new to everything about blogging. thanks for posting this up. i shall be careful when i blog. but i still will keep blogging cuz it's real fun! :)

  19. My title of my blog is already cite enough generally of my post - My Thoughts, My Words, My Life - Life and everything that revolves around me the way I see it. Somemore got disclaimer...hehehee...but then again since this is going on, I had to emphasize again that the post is solely on my personal view.

    Sheesh...if ppl always give good comments, how la to improve? If it's bad, its bad la..some ppl just cant take the truth. =/

  20. Haha LOL At the thriller movie.. I think so far you didn't really give very negative comments on anyone or restaurant so you don't have to worry! :)

  21. Hey Apamacam pulak? You really make me curious why you say this. Anyway, you are talking to Miss Mystery here. Not a photo on my blog, not even of a finger or a toe. Haha.

  22. I always think about this on and off. Sometimes I feel its our right to write and express our feelings. That is called a blog.

    But then nothing on the internet is ever private and everything can be considered public news.

    I agree with you...less pics. As for comments....I have not yet had such strong negative feelings on eateries. Maybe if I did and intended to warn ppl about it, I would have to word it diplomatically from now on.

    Tough huh...this blogging etiquitte.

  23. yuinting: oh, that is for sure..

    eugene: blog without fear or favour? :)

    yingying: memang nice to blog, see me, a blog addict!

    angelbear: safeguard comes first..

    sweetwitch: only with proof, like a baby cockroach in my drink.. yucks!

    MG: the Madam X! hehehe.. leave people wondering how u look!

    ann: have to safeguard.. put disclaimer.. what to do.. say it is only my views and not representing the whole community.. :)

  24. oh.. hope nothing serious happen... but ya, sometimes we got to be very careful on the words we use..

  25. Put photo....takut secret admirer stalk leh...ha ha ha!

  26. i have my photos on.. i dont include others tho.. so that's my own responsibility i put on myself :)

  27. ya, it's global so just be careful.

  28. cynthia: cos nowadays blogging is very wide..

    pete: not only gals, handsome guys also kena stalked one.. hahaha..

    ken: yes, very nice pictures too! hehehe...

    wenn: yeah.. better..

  29. hanor hanor... that's why i stop posting clear pic of myself also. wakakakkaka... kononnya got history lah.

  30. That's y now that the kids r a bit older, I'm a bit wary of putting up their pics. But if dun put, it sometimes defeats the purpose for blogging abt them. hmmmm.... pening.

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