Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nuffnang Or Innity?

I am no more an exclusive member of Nuffnang, that means NO more a Glitterati member as well..

I cannot post up my daily posts to the innit.nuffnang anymore.... readers from there will "miss" my posts... hahahaha... perasan only!

I have violated one of their terms and conditions.... one of them states that I cannot put up any competitor website that is Asian based.. such as in Innity. I heard of Innity through a Penang blogger, a rugged male with a beautiful wife and two lovely sons... (can guess who, right?) He told me that Innity pays better than Nuffnang, if we qualify.....

Being curious and "money-minded", I logged into Innity... signed up.... and I got my approval a few days ago.. Put up their banners and ads on the 12th... and just now when I checked my account, it showed RM11.37 already!

My nuffnang for three years plus has only RM90 plus.. what is wrong? I also don't know..
But for Innity, two or three days ago, I have RM11.37 already... I cannot say much for now.. it is just a few days.. lets wait and see later on...

Have any of you register with

this is not a sponsored post.. just sharing...


  1. Dunno one or the no money. :(

  2. oh yeah, i also found Nuffnang earnings are just way too little, i think i have less than RM15.. i guess it's a wise move not to solely depend on Nuffnang.. hehe, innity yeah?? let me sign up later~~ :p

  3. I blog for fun, no intention of earning extra...

  4. 3 days RM11.37 vz 3 years RM90 sorry failed my mad-thematics in class what should I do which is more?

  5. ken: for bloggers like me lar.. earning nuts...

    stp: u no need la..

    sk: no harm to register..

    pam: yeah, fun yes.. but at the same time, got allowance, better too! :)

    bananaz: your maths teacher is not reading this... so never mind! hahaha..

  6. Don't know what you are talking about, Claire---but then again, I am not in or from Asia.... What I do know is that companies are strict about who can advertise and who cannot. Advertising to them means 'mentioning' them in public --on your site(s).... Hope you get it all worked out.

  7. wow, innity pays a lot. do they pay per click / per view like nuffnang too? hmm...rm90 for 3 years is a surprise. anyway, hope you make more $$ now.

  8. wa...RM11 in 3 days? That is good leh. But hard to get into Innity. Heard need high traffic vol

  9. betsy: yeah.. both are asian sites.. so i m weighing.. the pro and cons..

    barb: i let u know in a month's time.. if slow moving, then something wrong with my blog la.. hahaha..

    wenn: yeah.. wonder how u do it.. or how they rate.. hmmm....

  10. ooo, something new. Do update us on how it goes XD

  11. then go for innity lor...more $$$ then can buy me lunch!

  12. Oh gosh, I'm not sure what you're talking about, being I don't live over there, but glad this blog advertising thing is making you more money!! So I looked for the new banners and things, but I don't see anything different about your blog, what am I missing???

  13. I have never tried other advertisers other than Nuffnang. I scared if i do, I can't make as much as I do with Nuffnang.. Or maybe it's just me, I'm just this sorry little loyal person who doesn't know when to move on.. :D

    But glad you got the RM11+.. Hope you'll update how it goes in another few weeks! :)

  14. isaac: trial period now.. :)

    yummylittlecooks: my pleasure. hahaa..

    chris: nothing else but food? :p

    ginny: sounds kind of complicated, right?

    bella: if nuffnang is giving more, then dont change.. myself 30rm per year! :)

  15. wah. this game of guessing-who-is-the blogger is quite popular among u all recently :P

    i nvr tot of earning big bucks tru nuffnang/innity. if one day i'll ever get high traffic like yours, then i'll consider it lo.. lol
    happy weekend, Claire

  16. thanks for the tip!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    My posts seem to be updating again!!!! Hooray!

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  17. i even dono how to sign up

  18. Maybe your traffic volume is high. Nuffnang payment is so low..... Share some more about Innity, maybe I will try later when I have more time. :)

  19. Claire, thanks sharing this info. Interesting, will sign up later.

  20. This innity looks promising (at least sounds better than nuffnang). No harm trying for another source of side income ;p Thanks for sharing.

  21. yingying: nuffnang is also not bad for a start..just have to be very patient.. i m not ma.. :)

    cloudia: welcome!

    anonymous: :p

    mg: when low, they might cut me off? chamz!

    yan: yeah.. try and see..

    yvonne: no harm trying..if not working, then go back to nuffnang. haha...

  22. How to sign up there in innity wor? I go to that site, no place to sign up oso? o.O

  23. Cool, Claire! If this makes you more dollars, why not.

    Innity must be placing more useful ads than NN for the kind of result you are getting.

    I haven't read Adsense TOS lately, but from what I know, it's a violation for sites to have similar kind of ads on the same site - which Innity's ads look quite like those of Adsense's. It'll result in (Adsense) account suspension. So I guess blogs with Adsense already running may want to think about using Innity, just in case. Just my two cents.

    All the same, thanks for sharing, Claire. Please keep us posted, say in a month's time, on your earnings. Am sure everyone here is interested to know how you are doing.

  24. Those days, Innity is more famous amongst corporate websites and personal bloggers are more in favour of NN. But reanaclaire is an exception as this blog has super duper high traffic, so can qualify for Innity dy.. gambateh Claire! Hopes that this will give you better results! :)

  25. cleff: none meh?

    happysurfer: i dont have adsense, so i think it is ok?

    merryn: hahaha.. wonder when they stop me also.. hehehe...

  26. Paid good? Hmmmmmm..shall i switch? I can see some earning in NN, not much but of course cannot compare with yours, 3 days already RM11+. :P

  27. for me I stick back to NN lo . . . :( no choice fer me


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