Friday, July 15, 2011

Parkson Grand Again And Again...

Almost every Friday we have our lunch in the Parkson Grand food court. That is the only place we "loiter" around... so much to see and too much to eat... but I am going to get "fedup" of the food soon... very soon.....

The food there is not really that nice... only certain stalls...

my girl is sort of "addicted" to the spaghetti stall there..
she tried this cheesy chicken ... RM12.90
I feel it is a bit overpriced.. but then...
I cannot blame them cos the rental is high too...

as for me, I always end up taking Chee Cheong Fun...
with a bit of everything...

accompanied by various fish balls with vegetables...

and "drowned" ourselves with a bowl of Cendol...
not to say very nice...
cos it is not so santan-ic and creamy..
which is fine with me...

Well, these were our lunch...
and dinner was just bread and bread...
so simple, yeah?

Happy Weekend, folks!


  1. i dun mind having bread and bread.. in fact, i just had bread for dinner :D

  2. ken: the food not that nice la..

    merryn: once awhile nice to eat bread too..

  3. Happy Weekend Claire. cendol with little santan is good for health.. ^^ support bread for dinner sometimes too :)

  4. I love to hang around at Parkson too each time I am back...just for the air cond :D Love that chee cheong fun. I think that spaghetti is expensive. I think you can easily make it yourself :D

  5. I would love chee cheong fun anytime.

  6. did they renovate the food court? seems like a bit different the last time i went there..ages ago!

  7. The cheesy chicken spaghetti looks very good! No wonder your girl is addicted to it, do you like it? The last picture in the bowl, I don't know what it is....

  8. yummy friday??? hehe drooling here:)

  9. simple
    da BEST!!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  10. But the food looks nice leh... Never judge a book by its cover? Sometimes, may not look nice but is actually really nice.

  11. Hi,

    New visitor from VB.

    This does actually look alot better than what our food court serves! Different but good :)

    Find me at

    Many thanks!

  12. Been ages dint visit Parkson already.. Always go JJ only, hehe.. The food looks not bad!

  13. ooo..that's your second home la ...:p

  14. parkson grand eh? Ok la, what can we expect from food court food right? As long as it fiils the stomach and tastes nice then boleh lah :)

    As for me, every friday lunch time i will be at KLCC, to company my fiancee makan. And most of the time we'll end up at the food court too! but there's one stall very nice. might blog about it soon since I just captured some photos the other day. XD

  15. For me the pasta looks the most attractive.

  16. The price is a bit steep...

  17. Taking the same food over and over again, sometimes so sian.

    I too liked eating bread. :)

  18. simple dinners are better for health :-). i love spaghetti too, but not the creamy type.


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