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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Sinful Desire

For the past two Fridays, my girl and I have been frequenting The Family bread shop in Ipoh Garden East, sort of addicted to them. My girl has sweet tooth too, just like me and she likes these mini cheese tarts that this shop has.

They are not cheap... it is almost one ringgit for one..
just two bites and they are gone....

And for the past two weeks too,
we dwell in this cheese cake in Coffeebean...
no coffee but cheese for us...

But this week we definitely will skip this...
It is way much too much for me already...
otherwise I need a new wardrobe!


  1. I also have sweet tooth but don't have to worry about my weight, thank goodness.I love cakes ,pastry & ice cream etc. But it's difficult to find good cakes in Ipoh and I don't like sponge cakes with all those decorations.

  2. kathy: thanks for encouragement!

    ken: slurpp...

    vinny: u must be slim and good..
    me too, dont like sponge cakes.. i rather pay more to get to eat quality cakes.. :)

  3. vinny:I used to eat cakes from Secret Recipe but now the standard has somewhat deteriorated a bit. Indulgence is ok but too expensive. Try The Brownies in De Garden. Lovely homemade cakes like chocolate moist, belgian cheese etc can be found here.

  4. Paulin, I cannot deny the brownies in De Garden is fantastic.. yes, I am going there once again.. this time we wanna try more choices!

  5. I always ate Secret Recipe cakes when I was younger, when I was 16/17.. And nowadays I just don't feel like eating any Secret Recipe cakes at all.. LOL!

  6. It all looks so yummy!!!! The cheese tarts are pretty, too! Maybe not too many calories, they are so small.

  7. We love tarts with creme fraiche and we are lucky that we dont gain weight by eating it.


  8. I love sweets and these look absolutely wonderful! Did they taste as good as they look??


  9. Since you like cakes, next time you come to Penang, let me know about 3 or 4days earlier, i get a friend of mine to bake you "cheese cake" or any cake you name it,,, then i give to you,,,,,this friend of mine makes good cake, he supplies to even some of the famous restraurants here in Penang...


  10. Don't like... No cheese cake for me,no...thank you unless it's Japanese baked cotton cheese cake and not fruit tarts - give me Portuguese egg tarts or meat pies. Guess I don't really have a sweet tooth.

  11. will get headache if too much cheese variety food for me :) hehehe


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