Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Cheap And No Sweat, Phew!!

I wonder how many of you like to wash our own cars.....hahahaaa....

When it comes to washing and cleaning the inside out of the car, the idea of sweating out in the porch really "scares" me.... each time I wash and clean my car, I get "dizzy spells" and real exhaustion after that...

But thanks to this car wash outlet near my house!!! The very first time I went there was last month (imagine all these years I have been "slaving" for my car!).... and since then, I like this car wash service very much!

For less than 10 minutes, my car came out clean and nice... only cost RM3.00 ($1.00usd) and if it includes vacuuming the whole car, I only add another RM4.00.... (real cheap, kan??)

first time I was like "ah beng"
I didn't know what I should do....

so...just followed the car....

alamak!! Cannot see liow....
Panic for awhile....
Off the camera... and in less than 5 minutes,
my Red Babe came out Clean and Nice!
I bought one book of vouchers for 10 washes..
It cost only RM2.50 for one Wash!!



  1. That's dirt cheap! Any hairline scratches after the wash?

  2. in JB , it's around RM8-10 including vacuuming. Very fast..15 mins can finish.

  3. RM2.5 perwash??? that is super cheap!! Nasi ayam lagi mahal.. -_-

  4. Who says no sweat? You are sweating in the car for 10 mins..hahaha. Good deal super fast.

  5. Not me! Here RM10...but it looks like so much work, sometimes kesian those people, work so hard for so little - I usually send when very very dirty - half an hour not enough to do a good job.

  6. That's very smart, Claire! I hate washing cars too. We also bring the car to the kiosk to wash. I hate to wash cars in the cold.

  7. pam: for RM2.50, u cannot expect not to see a speck of dust on the car.. but i m very satisfied..

    chris: in this shop.. 6.50 for me.. i feel it is very cheap.. no wonder so many cars!

    kathy: yeah, i dont have to feel dizzy anymore.. :)

    cath: for just 5 minutes, its great!

    bananaz: hey, car got air con ma! hahaha..

    stp: not really.. u should see how many of them dealing with your car.. less than 5 min. your car nice and clean liow.. if we dont send there, they are out of jobs.. lagi kesian...

    mary: they have the proper equipment so it is easier for them to wash than ourselves! :)

  8. I go for car wash about once a month? haha :D

  9. oo, it's your first time trying these automated car wash? I still prefer the handwashed ones, but it takes longer. Sometimes these automated ones not very detail. Hehe.

    Rm2.50 is extremely cheap though

  10. hayley: i go once a week cos my car is really dusty.. dont know why..

    isaac: yes, i agree with u.. if handwash, it is few ringgit more.. around 11rm including vacuuming..

  11. i usually get frightened when the car has completed its washing and moving towards the end for blowing. You know, that piece of bar will go up as your car moving out from the rail, it's like so near, a few inches to your car and the front mirror, i'm so afraid that it might just hit the car!

  12. Thought supposed to off the engine as they have cables to pull your car forward? hehe.

  13. Wah really very cheap. But too bad my hubby does not like us sending car for car wash. >.< He rather wash it himself and it was like less than 5 times a year? Lol!

  14. Wahhhh, very cheap la Claire. When i was a kid... i take upah wash my dad's car... and I charged him Rm10. Wakakaka... market price, tarak discount discount. *tak guna punya anak*

  15. lena: yeah at first i pun takut sangat!! hahaha..

    bananaz: yeah, free gear when in the auto thing..

    cheeyee: one inch thick of dust then? hahaha.. my car one week also dirty liow..esp after raining! the dust stains..

    cleff: at least u work for it.. some just take out their palms! hahaha..

  16. So cheap! For RM2.50, two specks of dust also I don't mind. XD

    Save my trouble to wash them myself. ;p

  17. Only RM2.50 per wash? Wow, where to find? Wish they had a branch over here too. I can't wash my own car cos I live in an apartment...

  18. Wow!! RM2.50? Cheap cheap. Usually i sent it to those places for handwash and vacumn, it cost about RM12-RM13.

  19. LOL!! I never wash my car. Only wash it when I go for car service, that's about once in 6 months! LOL!!

  20. hmmmm RM 2.50 is kind of too low wei :) hope they more huat!!


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