Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shoppybag and Google Plus

I received a number of emails from many of you asking me to confirm on the Shoppybag link which was "supposedly" sent by me....

Sorry to say, I did not "intentionally" sent to all of you, in fact I did not know that the link was sent out to each email I have in gmail. I want to apologise for the inconvenience caused, apparently I do not know what this Shoppybag was.... I think I clicked a few buttons to register myself there but little did I know the link was sent to you all as well...

All you got to do is to delete or ignore the email.... guess it is too late to say this, huh.... sorry!

Another thing is.... does anyone of you know about Google + ? I received emails daily citing me to add "friends" to Google plus.... can anyone share more details on this? How does it benefit us bloggers? Something like Facebook?


  1. Google Plus is google's offering for facebook. Direct competitor i guess, and judging from the number of friends and ppl joining Google Plus, it is going to be the next very BIG thing.

    Do join it, it's exactly like Facebook, but with differences here and there

  2. I don't think I got one of these, or maybe it went into my spam folder, good thing.

  3. Hah!!! Sending virus to all your friends eh? So kind of you. Hehehehehe!!!! Thank goodness I did not get it! LOL!!!

  4. i dint receive any! :D join google plus la! similar to fb. :)

  5. Hey Claire, I got one of those Shoppy bag thingys from you and another blogger. Thank goodness I didn't click on it then. Google plus is at the moment only open to invitees. I haven't got one yet but I've added the Google +1 buttons to all my blogs. Errm... you know how it is lah, we have to constantly pimp our blogs to make peanuts.

  6. yeah, i got 2 mails from you, i thought spam so deleted that, no problem!


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