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Sunday, July 31, 2011

STPM Following A-Levels Format?

The other day when I went to my girl's school to collect her report card, her form teacher told me that the future STPM (form six) will be following the A-Levels type of format. But she cannot confirm whether it will be implemented by next year or not. Due to the statistics gathered, students are not in favour of form six and most of them prefer to take A-levels in private colleges than sitting for STPM.

My kids told me that the present syllabus is very tough and scoring straight "A"s is like out of the world.. hahaha...

Well, if the government is thinking of changing the format to be like A-levels, then students might stay back to study form six. I hope my girl will also change her mind and stay back in IPOH to do her form six for 2 years. As it is now, she is planning of continuing her studies elsewhere and not in Ipoh... but if she stays back to do her form six in IPOH, I will not be so lonely and alone then....

Well, I really hope the government will implement it next year ....


  1. If the government changed it this year , then I will not end up taking A level now . Well , the syllabus is almost the same , just the A level separates into AS and A2 . While Form6 students have to memorize everything for 2 years .

    I wish your daughter all the best in the coming SPM !

  2. First of all, the very best to your girl in her coming SPM.

  3. Of course i can't understand any of this because of our different school systems, but I hope things work out!

  4. hehe, hope she stays back and company you then XD at least for the next 2 years

  5. It IS start in next year. It is using a modular what they do in the universities.

    One module, one once over, will not be tested specifically on that module anymore...but it will be accumulative, I guess. You need to master one module to be able to do the next.

    For one thing, students would not need to study a whole lot of irrelevant rubbish at the end of two years...and be tested on a tiny little bit under the present system.

  6. Oops!!! *It IS starting next year...

  7. I would encourage students to study Form 6. the subjects might be harder, but in the end...all the hard work is worth it when one day she applies to the Universities or getting jobs. all the best for your daughter.

  8. Ask your daughter not to worry about STPM as the new system is going to be implemented soon. Easier for the students but they need to stay for longer hours in school.


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