Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boss, I Am HARDworking & Seeing Double!

For the first time in history, I dare to declare that today was my most Hardworking day of the year! hahahaha.... shhhhh..... Hope my boss is not around to read this... oopps!!

Ok, putting jokes aside.. this is Serious!

Today I did not surf much in the office, in fact, I did not do surfing .... I started my official work at 7.50am and slogged real hard till 4.30pm! I created history! ahhhhhh....I even gave up my healthy breakfast (for instance this one below) to work... work... and work non-stop... (on second thoughts, perhaps it is good that my boss is reading this post!) hehehee....

the breakfast that I never had today...

2nd episode :-

When I met up with my colleague from another department for lunch, we had a good time laughing our heads off!

we were sort of identical!!

were we not? hehheeee...
Embarrassment aside, we still went out for our lunch...
hand in hand, side by side...
oblivious of others looking at us....

Moral of the story: Don't buy the same clothing with your colleague even though they are super cheap! hahahahaa.....


  1. Such a coincidence.

    1. Buy Magnum4d
    2. Buy Damacai
    3. Buy Sports Toto
    4. Buy lottery

  2. You two look like girls wearing school uniform. Cute lah. :)

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  4. gratitude: sure u didnt leave out anything? :)

    lina: we got startled too.. hahaa..

  5. first, i love that runny half boiled eggs on the toast!! looks so yummy..

    second, one in a million you will ever wear exactly the same with colleagues!! that's real coincidence, haha~~ :D

  6. thought you plan to wear together one. LOL. even the tops also black

  7. Today is not Batik day leh... but both chose to wear on a Wednesday. So ngam.

  8. That is hilarious. I haven't experienced that myself, about wearing something similar to a co-worker, but I know it's going to be funny when it does happen. XD

  9. bananaz: seeing double! hehe...

    sk: coincidence things does happen!

    kathy: aiks..we wont plan to wear same baju to work! so malu .. hahaha..

    pam: both of us bought from the same shop.. but never thought she wore it the same day i did!

    josh: it did happen and we had a good laugh over it!

  10. You are so funny and happy lady! Adoi no surfing means hardworking ka? LOL

  11. why so much work today? ah. must be you never finish your work yesterday, so double work today..sshh..ok ok i wont tell your boss..

  12. OMG! How come you both dressed up the same?! LOL!

  13. That is so cute. Great skirt so it worked out well. Love the pictures.

  14. So you had a twin for the day, ha ha!! So cute!! That breakfast looks real good. But how did you get a picture of it if you never had it? Did you make it?

  15. I guess the time has come for the "power flower" to conquer the fashion work again,,,,,,

    but seriously,same brand ka, or just same print?

    I really hope your boss had read this post of yours,pay rise,bonus tripled and promotion insight,,,all the best ya

  16. Hahahahahaha!!!! I thought your office got uniform one. Wah! Breakfast looks nice - who ate those in the end?

  17. P.S. I like the skirt! Lovely floral prints. Good choice...

  18. as my mother would say, that is fashion suicide! haha... its still in good fun though ;)

  19. twilight: extremely hardworking for the first time!! hahaaa..

    pete: bec of the skirt!

    lena: aiyah! bocor rahsia!

    foong: kena lottery! hahaa..

    kimbee: thanks! let me hop over later..

    ginny: that was a recent pic of what i took for breakfast...

    eugene: wah.. how nice if you were my boss, sir!

    stp: that was what I intend to have.. the pic was taken recently actually.. btw, thanks for the compliment! i will wear it again soon!

    adam: yeah, just for laughs! hahaa..

  20. Such a hard worker :) That breakfast does look awesome, so busy until skip it ya? Poor you.

    On the identical clothing, it must have been both funny yet very embarrassing for you, such coincidence. Btw, you couldn't rush home for a change? Hehe.

  21. LOL! I would be happy as I know someone is agreeing at my sense of fashion. No problem la! But the moral of the story is very funny.

  22. Haha, this is funny. But I don't mind wearing the same fashion with my buddy and definitely not my enemy.

  23. So cute! haha.. mebe some ppl tot it's ur uniform! hehe..

  24. then i must be super hardworking as I don't go online at all..actually there's no streamyx at the shop..:D

  25. Hahaha...what a coincidence!

    That egg with bread breakfast is so heavenly !!!

  26. isaac: we let ourselves be twins for the day.. :)

    sheohyan: hahaha.. actually i dont mind buying the same thing..

    yvonne: me too!

    angeline: nice that is why both of us bought same!

    merryn: yeah lo.. mana kerja ah?

    wenn: u r memang super hardworking!!

    mnhl: i love taking that for breakfast!

  27. wahahahha...non identical twins ah?

  28. love your breakfast, look very yummy!!

    Wah! Non identical twins, just like my boys. :)


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