Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Food Comments And Roti Jala

Many of my friends/bloggers asked me this before... "Why do you always post up food pictures? Nothing else to post about ah?"

Another one of my friends told me that it is not good to post up so much food pictures, "think about those who do not have the chance to eat.... don't always post up food pictures to taunt them, it is not good..... " I kept quiet... I didn't reply..... what should I say?

I put up food pictures not to taunt or showing off what I have eaten.... not to flaunt others... what is there to boast about the food I have eaten?

Blogging is to share... anyone can read, they can see.... they can comment, they may not... the blog is just there.... if one feels that it is a "torture" to come by and read, then he/she will stop doing so voluntarily... eg... if I feel that food blog is always making me drool, I can decide whether I want to go or not..... no one is pointing a gun at me, forcing me to go there, right?

Furthermore I do not always post up "drooling"food... I just want to post what I have taken, whether it is nice or not, it doesn't matter....

One main reason I put up food pictures is for my sons who are away.... each time they call back, they would like to ask..... what did you take for dinner today? Where did you go.... etc etc.....

So... here they are... what we have eaten....

10 pieces of roti jala....RM4.00
bought from two different stalls...
the lighter colour taste much better...

dipped with RM2.50 chicken drumstick curry..

and a piece of barbecued chicken RM2.00

That was our dinner ... RM8.50
Not our choice of dinner...
but once awhile, no complaints...


  1. Okay. For those of us that are not from your part of the globe. . . what is roti jala? Love that you can go to different stalls like that! Very interesting! So, pphhhht to all of the people that don't want you to post about food! ;)

  2. yums!! haha i will just eat it plain if the curry chicken is too spicy to me.

  3. We can't change the mindset of many people cause there are uncountable personalities out there. We also can't please everyone especially when we do not see eye to eye. I welcome advices, comments or even condemn but I do not simply change for the sake of pleasing the others. If I were to do that, I would end up losing all my principles and beliefs. I like your blog and everything you posted so please ignore those insensible comments. You are who you are!

  4. michelle: roti jala is .. er.. something like a pancake.. only that we eat them with a spicy stew called curry..

    caroline: plain.. unless eat with durian paste! hahaha..

    pam: actually ah... my blog is more like rojak.. everything also got cos i post about my daily life.. food is the main topic cos that is what I take each day.. talking about work is boring and also sensitive... other than that.. it is all about food.. hahhaa...

  5. So coincidence! I just finished eating Roti Jala barely 10 mins ago! It costs me RM2.00 for 4 big pieces and free curry. Mmmn not bad.
    Never mind what they say and you are still so popular with everything shared!

    BTW you got my email ka?

  6. hey claire, not a problem to me whether you are posting food or not..i love the humour in your writing and love visiting your blog! Keep it up, friend!

  7. I like reading friends blog post when they post where they dine, because it kinda help me to decide if it is worth trying out at that restaurant.

    on the other hand, I like posting whatever I cook or tried out there because my blog is also my dairy of where we visited as a family. In fact, I did search on my own blog about those food and recipe I tried before because it also serves as a record and cooking/eating out reference for me.

    In short, we write what we wish to write la...hahaha....but if anyone don't like, sorry lor...its our blog.

  8. twilight: so coincidence! no , i didnt get any email...please send again...

    lena: thank you.. no la.. a small problem.. some said in jest la..

  9. hahaha, juz ignore them~

    yeah, roti jala is nice^^

  10. I want these as my supper now!!

  11. Cham...if come my blog then mah die lor...most of my post is abt food wor. I ma liken to a sadist who torture the readers????

  12. Food pictures are nice. If I find good food pictures and recipes online, I usually try to recreate those dishes here myself. :)

  13. Hello Reana, you sure live to eat and know your foods.
    I love these! Have not eaten years!
    Okay, when and if I balek kampong, can invite you be my food guide......my expense.....lets go eat these, fish head curry at that Tambun bus terminal, that 2 Indian stores there, if still there.
    Or the laksa store opposite road. Used to eat there often.

    I love your Ipoh nga choy with those chicken whatever yo call it.....Old town store, one next to a steam bot shop.
    Have fun, Lee.

  14. As for me, I personally enjoy reading about people who love food, so please keep those pics coming! ;)

    Btw, I also had roti jala 2 days ago, although it was different coz roti jala was actually used as the a murtabak shell instead of the usual dough. Cost me rm2.50 and it was yummy! :)

  15. I love roti jala with curry chic. Thx for sharing this food post, u jes gave me a suggestion on wat to eat tmw. So keep 'em coming! ;)

  16. Well, Claire!!! If these people get bored with the food, they don't have to visit, blogs are for us to post what we want to and what we are interested in. Of course not all people will be interested in the same thing. And you do other posts, it is not ALL food! I like seeing your family and about your daily happenings!! I enjoy seeing the food!!! I have learned from it, it is so different from what we have here. Some looks real good and some does not, but all interesting and different. This may be boring to people there, but to us in America, it is food we never get to see. We just had an earthquake, so scary!!!! It sounded like a big train, and everything shook, I was scared to death! Didn't know weather to run out or stay in! I thought I would die! The quake set a record for here.

  17. Yalor...it's our blog and we do what we want. If they are not happy, go elsewhere lor. Tsk! Tsk!

    We do not eat for free, we actually pay out of ourown pockets and if it's no good, we say it's no good...and if it is, we tell everyone so they can go and enjoy too.

    Saves them so much trouble...and money too, no need to go here and there to try the food themselves.

    They're just jealous as you're so popular... Everybody loves Claire!

  18. P.S.
    Why is Twilight emailing you? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  19. Ya lor,why is Twillight man emailing you,,wink wink juga?

    No problem lah,Claire,it is our blog ma,you blog what you like,just like sometimes i come to your blog,i read but i cannot comment,so i cabut lah,, no big dea,,,

    remember dulu,we kena hantam kuat kuat by those crazy commentors,,kind of miss them lah?

    keep blogging,,keep roti jala'ing ,personally i love bloggers who are sincere and you can tell the way they write it,,

    so tomorrow blog about what makan?

  20. don worry about others comment. your blog is your own space to share whatever you want. furthermore, if people have the resources to go on the internet and see your posts, then they should be well off enough to spend at least RM2 on roti jala.

    continue doing what your doing. its obviously working to the majority of your readers! :)

  21. Thanks for your comments..sorry ..cannot reply individually as of now..cos too much work today.. got to rush for target date.. i will reply soonest... thanks!

  22. Claire, don't worry about what people say, just continue doing what you're doing as it is great to see so many food posts from you!

    Next time if they ask, tell them, I'm an established food blogger, people come my site to see where to have good food!!

  23. Claire...dont bother about such visitors or their comment. The blog belongs to you, so you can write about just anything except anything porn la....food porn is alright. I post just that on my blog and I have many readers. I post a lot of pictures for my Piggies to see first and guide them if they choose to want to try out the recipe themselves :)) priority is for my kids to come and see what I cooked for the day and in the process they learn and so my blog actually benefits people who are keen to learn how to cook. Hahaha..if they don't like they just dun comment niah lo. What is this nonsense telling the blogger not to post up food??? I like your sense of humor and down to earth character so keep blogging what you think you want ...a space that belongs to you and you alone....keep it up ! I am your no 1 supporter though I seldom comment coz I see you everyday ma :p

  24. hmmm, maybe in that case, you can just name what you have eaten and save posting the photos?? hahaha.. maybe opening paragraph you write what you have eaten for the day.. then only continue writing your post of the day, hehehehe~~ :p

  25. I really appreciate bloggers who post up their review about some products/food. I can further make my own judgement on something that I wanted to get and not depending on the ads merely. I don't mind dropping by everyday to look at what you'd eaten, kekeke!

    Btw, I love roti jala with curry chicken and haven't have them for decades :( Must go hunt for it in pasar ramadan this evening.

  26. Claire: U are absolutely right.We post food pictures cos we wanted to share. We accept any comments too.Whether is good or bad doesn't matter... Just ignore their words! So excuse me, we are not showing off here...

  27. This dinner is definitely very tempting. Make me drool again, though i know this is not your purpose. lol!

  28. xjion: never mind..they are frens too.. :)

    hayley: i dont want ler.. hahaa..

    kathy: i m the one tortured! hahaha..

    josh: let me know if you did..

    u.lee: yes, next time u come ipoh, tell me..

  29. gratitude: once awhile eat that, it is fine.. i still prefer rice! farn toong... i m ..

    ginny: thanks for encouragement, to all of you!! it is great to read these comments! I will hop over now to read bout your earthquake post.. real terrifying it must be!

    slavemom: thanks! so did u make them yourself? :)

  30. stp: the way u r posting up your food pics, yes, it is indeed an eye opener for us over here in penisular.. what you have over there is something new to many of us! keep them coming too.. we post up not to purposely tempt.. it is just our sharing, nice or not nice... it is up to one individual to review..
    haaha...everyone seems to love this Sibu man too.. so many gifts received!! hahaha..

    eugene: yes lor..those were the days.. people calling me names also got.. hahaha.. what la.. just hantam la.. as u said.. anything also rant out... lantak! hahhaa..

    Twilight emailed to me yes!! what is it about? ahhhh... shhhh... hahaha..

    isaac: i pass baton to u.. i m no established food blogger.. i even forget the names of the shops i have been.. hahaa...

  31. elin: yes, u r an established food pornographer..hahahaa... and i dont have to see your pictures cos i have those food in real! :p

    yvonne: cheap and nice.. but cannot eat often also.. :)

    wenn: once awhile nice!

    sk: yes, something like yours.. up mandarin, down english with pictures.. hhmmm... maybe i will try to write malay and english one day.. hahaha

    angelin: we are definitely not..

    yan: simple food only.. that was our dinner!


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