Monday, August 22, 2011

Viva Was Abused!

My handphone rang at around 12pm today, it was from Andy, the first thing he asked was, "Where were you the whole morning? I called you 4 times!" Hearing the urgency of his voice, I knew something bad must have happened.....

True enough, he then told me that his car window pane was smashed.... not only his, but another four cars too along the same row. Five cars were being "robbed" ... all belonging to college students. Andy lost some coins, thank goodness, his laptop was not inside the car.

There is not enough parking inside the college, that was why they had to park a bit further down the road where the path is quite lonely. After this incident, their lecturer told them to double park in the college, just leave the handphone number at the car screen for contact...

That is worrying... as a mum... no car also cannot... got car also worry about this and that...

When can we as parents stop worrying for our kids?

Andy sent me the pictures of his Abused Babe...

the whole piece gone...

wonder they took his christian songs CDs or not...

thank God no one was injured..

with the V-cool, it helps to sustain the glass
from being broken into bits and pieces...

It must be a frightening experience for him...
Anyway, he took it to the mechanic this afternoon..
It is now fixed but he missed his class though...
Anyway, most important, he was not around when it happened..
Only a small hole burnt.. RM160 gone...


  1. Would think is is vandalism than rather 'robbery' as there is nothing much to steal in the car unless there is a laptop or camera inside other than that the thief would have left empty handed. Never to leave laptop in the car coz the theives have sensor to detect.

  2. Why oh why are there so many idiots that want to do nothing except cause problems for others, get something free they are not entitled to and just plain cause unrest. Shame all the people that like to cause problems can't all be shipped off to an island someplace to all live together. That includes the people that murder and rape. Plus all the idiots that want to start wars all the time.

    As far as not worrying about our children, doesn't matter the age, we still worry.

  3. Oh gosh! Well, at least Andy's ok. Just have to get a new glass - what bad luck! Have to bathe in water with flowers of seven colours, buang sial.

    What to do? We parents worry all the time when our children are not with us...even though they are quite capable of taking care of yourself. At least, Andy is a boy...if Fernie next time,a lot worse,I tell you.

  4. oh dear. sorry to hear this. those idiots should burn in hell. happened to me once and they broke the passenger side window.

  5. Ohmy, so its happened everywhere now. last few days the neighbor's car kena robbed. :/

  6. Wah.. damn geng jau wo @_@ raya season.. not enough to use money.. that why robbed the car =X

    I'm glad nobody injured... Thank God.. just small wear n tear... it's ok want... most important nobody injured =)

  7. Oh gosh....luckily it was not too bad and most of all no one get injured.

  8. that was really terrible!! i hate all those who rob, curse them badly!!

  9. They should have taken my CDs.. It would give them a better disciplined life in the future.. =)

  10. bananaz: they know the boys were in college so no one can see them broke the windows!

    patty: how wonderful if the world is at peace and love for one another.. sigh..

    stp: don't frighten me lar..i think i go to college with her then.. i also study!

    barb: very sien one hor... for nothing, we have to repair.. sien!

    carol: very scary actually!

    june: yeah, that is most important!

  11. Oh gosh... even Penang has become a notorious place now. Thought only Perak is 'evolving'... Anyhow, thanks to our leaders who are kind enough to help look after their 'abang adik' from the neighbouring land. Those good for nothing nuisance are so well taken care of and they repay us by robbing and murdering us...

  12. same thing happened not long ago in canning garden..few of the cars windscreen got smashed on the same night, my friend's car was one of them.

  13. Oh no.. So serious! Yeah, like what you said luckily no one was inside the car.. But still, very dangerous.. Gosh..

  14. Just glad that he is safe! We could only worry so much, coz many things are just beyond our comprehension and reach to resolve.

  15. yeeling: yeah, only gave us a scare..

    sk: they are desperate..

    andy: maybe next time put more cds there..

    pam: sigh.. and more sigh.. when talking about that..

    lena: oh really? my sister's car got stolen too in Bercham.. but recovered after three weeks..

    charlene: yeah, nowhere is safe..

    gratitude: yes, we can only pray for protection each day.. whether we are in the house or outside..

  16. So scary! I was just telling my friend that Ipoh is so safe.

  17. cilaka betul these people. College student car also wanna rob. Think maybe they hoping for those smart tag/touch and go in the car. What about the radio? kena curi ka?

  18. oh no :( nowadays so dangerous everywhere

  19. Unbelievable, the police should be a lot harder against crime.Good luck.


  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. A daring act by those irresponsible people. I hope they get what they deserve one day

  22. On ur reply to Andy : choiiiii....still want 'next time' mei...choi choi choiii..hehe..
    Anyway, as a mom we cant stop worrying about our kids..that's for sure..

  23. chinnee: a sudden shock..

    twilight: if talking about Malaysia, nowhere is safe now..

    kathy: radio intact.. only took his coin box.. few cents only he said..

    isaac: yes.. anything also can happen..

    filip: u wont see them when u need them. hahaha..

    BF: whoever does this, must be real desperate..

  24. that's quite something!
    damn the culprit, nothing better to do than to smash car glasses and steal things..

    but for me, RM160 would not be a small burnt hole.. it's HUGE! :(

  25. There is no safe place wherever we live nowadays. Though they have enjoyed what they have stolen from others, they will be punished for their acts sooner or later.

  26. Must report this to the college,get their attention and probably they will come out with some actions.

    Thank God,no one was hurt

  27. oh least it's just the car..

  28. This is really bad. Thank God only RM160 was burnt and nothing more serious.

  29. 4 windows cost rm160 to repair??? so cheap?

  30. ken: some are desperate for something..

    agnes: everywhere is unsafe now..

    eugene: reported already.. now they can double park in the college, just leave hp number on the car..

    wenn: yes.. the glass...

    yan: yes, thank God for that..

    rachel: one window, my dear :)

  31. Oh wow!! Thank god he was alright. The same thing happened to my sister last week :( She lost her laptop... but luckily she wasn't hurt.

    Life is full of surprises, whether its good or bad. I guess we can only learn from the experience and hope bad luck isn't waiting for us around the corner :(

  32. Luckily nothing happens to Andy...

  33. That's just sad. That is also very worrying for me, even though I don't have my own car, it proves there are people out their who do this kind of garbage and cause problems for everyone.

  34. Not only a bad experience, if without V-cool, surely have to clear the interior twice or thrice due to broken glass.

    I had my car vandalized once and I didn't have any sun protective sheet applied on the window. Imagine the heartache and hardwork to remove the glass bits.

    Tsk, tsk... stoopid ppl with nothing else to do.

  35. The exact same thing happened to william's v6 decades ago. It was brand new then and the robber smashed the front passenger window to steal the roadtax. The V-Kool helped to reduce clutters of glass lah for us that time.. but we never recovered the road tax. Along the years, we always get summones at places we don't go too, must be the duplicate road tax :(

  36. wahhhh cannot let my mum see this
    if not..... she will have one more thing to worry about.

  37. adam: must pray for protection whenever we go out..

    angeline: yes..u r right!

    josh: as i said, they must be desperate..

    yvonne: the vcool helps, yeah.. otherwise as u said, all splattered..

    merryn: road tax also want take? unless they change their car number too..

    medie: hahaha... i show to her..

  38. Our country has become an unsafe plc. We must be vy careful n alert all the time. Luckily it's jes the car. Most importantly, no one was hurt.

  39. slavemom: that is very right.. thank God for that..


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