Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kao Lee With A Motive

Before we "off" the lights last night, we made a "pact" to take dim sum early this morning. But see, see, early morning means after 10am... hahahaa.... it was almost "brunch" when we set out for our supposedly breakfast....

We went to Kao Lee Dim Sum in Ipoh Garden... thank goodness it was not crowded as we expected it to be..... we could get parking and table very easily...

We had these...

I allow Andy to order whatever he likes...
(mum has ulterior motive one!) *sly grin*

prawns dim sum

egg tarts

this one was quite special but too bad it was not warm up..

not to be missed.. glutinous rice with chicken...

small dumplings..

sweet paste with little bit of salted egg...

I like the barbecue meat pau...

century egg porridge...

savoring the food...

little did he know he had to work hard for the food taken!

My Poor Boy...
donning a mask... slogging hard!
never knowing mum has something in store for him!

to be continued tomorrow...


  1. kesian!!! Child abuse. Ask him to spend his holidays in Sibu. I will feed him anything he wants - dim sum, no problem...and no need to work so hard after that. LOL!!!

  2. muahaha... eat 'pao pao'.. sure got to sweat it out ah...

  3. The egg tarts looked the best to me. What a large breakfast or which ever meal it was. Happy week-end.

  4. You're such a 'yar sei hao' mother...
    :) Your kids are lucky to have you as their mother.

  5. stp: Sure or not? he can wallop a lot one leh!

    cyn: all food and no sweat is very unhealthy.. hahaha..

    patty: same to you too!!

    pam: what yar sei hau.. they got to work hard for the food.. hahaha..

  6. Well now I can't WAIT to find out what on earth he is doing!!! I cannot imagine, with the mask and all. The food does look good. Did they really have century eggs? Our east coast is evacuated, waiting for one of the biggest hurricanes in history, we are more inland, and it should only be a bit of rain where we live. So we are in between an earthquake and a hurricaine! We are still getting aftershocks from the earthquake!

  7. what is that in pear shape? the one after egg tarts..i think the new kao lee business not as good as previous one.

  8. oh nice dim sum!! i like, so yummy!! so this is another famous dim sum restaurant in Ipoh?? hehe, sorry i only know Foh San~~ :p

  9. lol!! bribe your son with dim sum before the hard work? Smart !! :P

  10. your dim sum looks different from ours in Hawaii. Looks delicious, though!

  11. Thanks for this post. I'm gonna show this to my Mother Teresa. She owes me many meals! Hahahaha

  12. Wa....tat was child abuse alrite . I ask be careful , when given a treat there is an ulterior motive wan! ;p maybe bathe Labby!!! LOL!

  13. Now I know why they say "there is no free lunch/brunch muahaha..

  14. at least we mum know how to appreciate :)

  15. dim sum was my favourite . . . 2.30pm now haiz . . . next weekend bah :P

  16. >.< Kesian ur boy... lucky my parents not liddat, else I very chamz!

  17. is this the best dim sum in ipoh?


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