Sunday, August 28, 2011

Room Improvement By Andy

Each time I entered the last room, it was like entering into the store room! The once-upon-a-time room used to belong to my girl... It was full of books, bags, boxes... etc etc.. Since I was in the "cleaning mode" yesterday and of course after the sumptuous breakfast, I quickly grabbed hold of Andy before he went to his "sleeping mode." hahahaa....

Together both of us tidied up the room before it turned into a dumping ground. I couldn't do it alone because of height problem... I am too short to climb up and to take down the luggage bags from the top, it was really a "no way" chore for me. Accidents might happen for short people to lift heavy stuff from high places, right? (I m referring to myself only, no offence,,,)

Andy is the rescuer... he can easily take down the bags even without the chairs to climb onto. He can also easily lift the bags without even twitching his muscle at all..... *must praise him a bit la!*

Now what do we have here??

some dried fine branches on top of the dressing table cupboard!
Don't tell me a nest is about to be built? GOSH..
No wonder I saw some fine feathers in the room at times..

the Big Treasure ...

consisting of old treasures...

the Big Pile-Up after the sorting out..
we have sent them for "recycle" already..

then... the Aftermath.... phewww....
and a small pat for myself..

"Ok, next room pleaseeee?
( he disappeared liow!)


  1. You did a lot of work, better.


  2. Well done with the clean up. Always feels good after getting rid of the old unwanted items. More space for new ones.

  3. up the room, clearing everything getting ready the bridal chamber? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  4. I bet your son is glad that job is finished. It looks so nice in the last photo. Well almost breakfast time here, all I need to do is think of what I want to fix the four of us.

  5. yea, tall people definitely has much advantage..

  6. filip: it is satisfying..

    charmaine: oh no... i didnt think of that! :)

    stp: maybe u r looking forward to coming over for a reason!! hahaha..

    hayley: syabas! hahaha..

    patty: he hopes no more jobs for this week!

  7. Wah great job!! Looks so good now with plenty of space! :)

  8. What a nice job you both did! Congrats! And I, too, am short and must rely on my tall husband and daughter to bring things down from the cupboard.

  9. BTW, I posted pics of food on my blog, today. I am just like you!

  10. wenn: wish i could grow taller.. :p

    sweetwitch: temporarily good.. hahaa..

    gigi: welcome to my club then! ok i go now..

  11. One brunch one room next room next brunch mah hahaha. Great job.

  12. Lucky I'm not in Ipoh...else kena recruit by u to work....

  13. bananaz: aiyah.. finished for me if he reads this.. hahaha...

    chris: what are brothers for, huh..

  14. awesome job Ms. Claire, kids love to create a big mess but do not know how to clean up. Thank you for the visit in my blog I do appreciated it so much.

    Have a nice day,

  15. wow, you got birds in your room!! haha, that's really amazing, but sadly not swallow or else you got free bird's nest to eat~~ haha!! so this is the return for the dimsum treat?? :p

  16. whoa, gratz! a job well done to the both of you! :) and a bird's nest? I LOL'ed when i saw the picture :)

  17. I'm SO glad you didn't attempt this yourself!!! So much stuff, but what a big difference! You have a real pretty floor!! So good to have a strong boy...well he is a man now, around the house!!! Time to take advantage.

  18. much different...the last as compared to the 2nd pic.

    really must praise him a bit :P

  19. hahaha! i also wonder where those branches came from..

  20. jessica: thanks to u too!

    sk: yeah hor.. wonder what type of birds flew in..

    isaac: hahaha.. i also surprised!

    ginny: yes, boys are great right? at least they are taller than us..

    littleboykit: sooner or later will be back to square 1!

    lena: must close the windows next time..

  21. Good Andy!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  22. that is not an easy job u knw..hihihi... well done...

  23. Great job! May I borrow him sometimes? I gotta wait a long time b4 mine can be so useful. hehehe


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