Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet And Hairy Temptations In Jalan Alor

On the last night of my Pavilion trip precisely around 10pm , I was very honoured to be invited to Alor Street for a meet-up..... it was a last-minute meet-up decision, we didn't plan it to happen... Because of their sincerity , driving all the way down to Bukit Bintang, I just did not have the heart to say "no".... and I am really happy that I didn't...

In fact I am really touched... thanks for coming by to feed me.... so unfortunate that I couldn't get anything into my stomach... first time in history, I just couldn't eat.... maybe I was too happy and excited then... hahhaa....

thank you WK and Kath for your "sweet temptations!"

initially I was thinking what this was....

never knowing there were "hidden pearls" beneath...
too bad I didn't try this though so I couldn't say nice or not..

Cleff's favourite "hairy stuff"

Thank you once again, my friends...
Till we meet again... perhaps this time in IPOH?


  1. everybody knows that you're obsessed with durians, next time i see you will also shower you with durians!

  2. Btw, why so bright leh? I thought the hantus went to see you at midnight?

    The food looks good... Dunno which shop you all went to - never had anything really great at Jalan Alor, maybe I didn't know which shop to go to...

    Those hantus never came to take me leh... Sobsssss!!!! I'm so so famous and popular like you. Muahuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!!

  3. lena: serious ah?? i no shy one! :p

    kathy: hau moon yau kei...

    stp: dont sob.. maybe bec i wear skirts... that is the difference only la.. me no famous nor popular one...

  4. Didn't you order Wong Ah Wah chicken wings? It's one of the must-eat snacks at Jalan Alor. Don't tell me you miss it...

  5. aisk!!! u and small kucing's blogs always make me hungry, especially at nite.....

  6. Pam, yes, they did order.. but i didnt eat.. i miss the food.. sigh..

  7. >.< Cikgu...not because Claire femes la... but because she's a lady, so berani kacau kacau her at night.

    Claire... the hairy sotong so sedap... den the oh chien lagi sedap. Too bad everyone kenyang liao. Sobs... I was sooo hungry that night, but paiseh wanna order more. T_T

  8. foong: join the durian club!! hahaha...

    cleff: yeah, wear skirts one.. hahaha... eh, now i m hungry.. wish i were there now ..

  9. No appetite for my Claire? This is just not right, never heard of it happening before! Are you feeling well?

  10. hey thats small kucing and mummy! XD

  11. Sounds like you have some beautiful friends. Happy week-end.

  12. what are the yellow 1st photo there "sweet temptations" -- or have you already answered that? looks very familiar to me...

  13. oh, that one is oh chien ah?? hmmm, so how it taste like?? looks like done by those foreign workers who do not know how to do that lor~~ :p

  14. beautiful faces!!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  15. Cleffairy, you scared of 60-year old man...already one foot in the grave kah? Choi! Choi! Muahahahaha!!!! Aiyor...why the littlekucing look so grumpy in the last photo? Kesian...late and night, time for bed lor...still eat eat eat! ROTFL!!!

  16. I don't get it really, 10 pm, how come the pictures can look so brigth one,, Cleff's camera very canggih one kah?

    Hey Claire,, now the ball is to you to organize one blogger meet lah,, may be you do it Taiping,,, you know the hotel you blogged about Flemington,, kan,? can go zoo first,makan makan then baru meet,,, can arrange ka,,,,

  17. cath: ditto to that!

    ginny: u know me pretty well by now! hahahaa.. yes, i was pretty full that night..

    isaac: have u met them yet?

    patty: same to you dear!

    steph: those are called durians!

    sk: that one is jalan alor style..

    cloudia: thanks!

    stp: dont think she scared but dont know how to entertain a big shot like u.. heheee..

    eugene: kath's camera memang canggih one..
    about the bloggers' meet, i arranged before, only 4 of us.. jadi ke? wait till stp comes again.. otherwise he will sob sob again la!!!

  18. me no likey durian hahaha

    so u go ipoh after KL? lol

  19. the "ohh jian" hide under the egg not nice la. should have seek for the tradition style!

    If u in Subang Area, I might fly you down to Klang and have Bah Kut Teh :P hahaha can ar?

  20. kianfai: i back in Ipoh liow.. in fact wanted to go for BKT in Klang but dont know the way.. next time boleh ke? :p

  21. Long time did not go Jln Alor. Did not know there is hairy sotong there? Too bad so late I can't join u gals. Alone with kids at home. >.<


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