Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Visit To Canning Garden

After sending my girl off to her classes around 10am, I dropped by in Canning Garden for my first meal of the day.... my friend and I went to "Sun Up" coffeeshop for their special noodles...

along the Canning Garden...

this is the shop.. "Sun Up"
I think last time it was called Sun Rise...

it was very packed... we had to wait around 20 minutes..
for our noodles...

kon loe flat plus yellow noodles...
(dried style)

with a variety of fish balls

the small ones are beef balls...

after our meal, we walked across to the market...
known as the cleanest market in IPOH..

very well maintained.. not many stalls...
just nice for me...

I can get my usual stuff here..
fish, poultry and vegetables...

After getting what I wanted...
it was time to go fetch Fernie for her lunch!

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  1. Chup...FC!!! LOL!! Now let me go and see what's in the post...

  2. Yum! Yum! I love stuff in clear soup like that. Drool. Wah...your girl loves pasta so much...went for lunch, I guess. You ate again? Hehehehehe!!!

  3. 20minute ar? so long! maybe is too hooo liao already :P

  4. Quite a lot of balls leh!How much did a bowl of noodles cost please?

  5. stp: come get prize from IPOH!! first FC.. hahaha... noodles here is famous..but i dont really like to go there cos of the crowd and the waiting...

    kianfai: yeah, today crowded cos holiday..

    kathy: behind the HongKong Restaurant..

    gratitude: for 2 bowls of noodles and 15 fish balls, it cost RM15..

  6. kon loe flat plus yellow noodles?

    Yellow noodle plus kuey teow and some sea food?

    The "balls" soup look delicious :D

  7. Hmm... I don't eat beef leh, so cannot try the food there because I believe the soup is made from beef stock.

  8. venie: yah..koay teow.. heheee.. mixed with yellow mee

    pam: not so sure.. is it? ngow lam.. actually i dont much like the noodles there but this morning, my CCF boyfren didnt open stall.. so no choice..

  9. oooh, i like that bowl of soup with varieties of balls.. why they change the name?? i think Sun Rise sounds better than Sun Up leh..

  10. noodles r always great for breakfast.

  11. Wah! I want that bowl of fish and beef balls!

  12. sk: i also dont know why.. i must ask one day...

    wenn: too often also muak.. hahaa...

    foong: come to IPOH!

  13. wah... the cleanest market is... neat! :D

  14. the sun up noodles are very nice, i like their tofus and their soup is also very tasty, they put a lot of cuttlefish in there!

  15. Oh, those noodles look SOOOOO good!!!

  16. Canning garden.. Mmm.. never heard before.. :)

  17. I like noodles, but I never get up early to eat breakfast outside.

  18. Slurp....I like the fishballs, meatballs and the beef balls....Must be sedap rite.

  19. medie: yes, neat too!

    lena: and dried scallops too.. mushroom also got..

    ginny: yes, they are..

    cath: it is named after a British man, i think..

    jes: come and try!

    ann: what time do u wake up?

    angeline: ok lar.. not too bad..

  20. The cleanest market looks really clean and nice.

  21. Canning Garden sells lots of canned stuffs.. YES? NO? :P

  22. I feel very happy in this place.

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >


  23. I love noodles too. I would love to try the food that you have someday. How are you my friend?

  24. sheohyan: clean but not cheap..

    cloudia: easier to walk about..

    happiness: then you must come to ipoh.. :)

  25. merryn, that is for sure! hehehe...

  26. Canning Garden reminded me of the roasted Quack Quak!! Hhehhehehe

  27. I wonder why did they change the name. Hhhhmmm... Sun Rise sounds so much better.

  28. wow! dint know can mix flat n yellow noodles one wor. :D

  29. Wah, in Canning Garden....must check it out....

  30. yeeling: yes..just behind!

    angeline: aiyah..i forgot to ask them today!

    carol: u can choose and mix..

    pete: when?

  31. Yummmyyyyyy, Im slurping over the fish and beef balls now. Definate a visit when Im back to Ipoh.

  32. What a funny name..Sun Rise to Sun Up :) I've never eaten there before :P Hey, my cousin runs a vege stall at the Canning Market. Perhaps you have bought vege from him before :)

  33. jessie: yes, do visit the place

    barb: maybe i do... i always frequent the couple near to the poultry stall..


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