Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finger Eating Good

My colleagues held a small "Raya makan" in the office to mark the nearly ending Syawal... each of them prepared some food and brought them to the office.

Very nice gesture of them to treat us to these homecooked malay delicacies.... too bad I did not bring my camera to snap all the food displayed..

one of my colleagues laying out the food on the long table...
facing the camera are the main meals...

followed by some salads and sweeties...

love this fruit salad..
I think I "walloped"a lot of this.. hahaha...

my blue-eyed boy.... hahahaa...

I think the food is not enough, hor...
or perhaps this is FEG? Finger Eating Good?


  1. Gosh! His one arm is twice the size of yours... You're so thin!

  2. That's what I always tell my Chinese colleagues, that the Malays are very generous people especially during the festive season. They are willing to treat you all the good food without asking for anything in return. Chinese people... haha... a bit stingy la. As the saying goes:
    Mou cheok sou, mou tuck king...

  3. Great bonding moment with colleagues :)

  4. stp: not so thin lar!!1 i see the picture again.. almost same ma... hahaha...

    pam: u r very right.. what can i say? :p

    gratitude: yes... office is like our second home...

  5. lol. if that's FEG, i wonder how's ur main course! lOL

  6. kathy: 2nd home.. :)

    henry: hahaha.. what do you think?

  7. they are so nice to prepare the dishes and food and brought them over to office, how thoughtful and generous.. my family also will be invited to dad's excolleague's home for raya treat every year. not only eat there, but we are also asked to da pao balik ^^

  8. angelin: yes..

    yingying: so nice.. can tar pau also.. hahaa..

  9. The food looks great!
    What interests me is the photo of your co-worker wearing a scarf on her head, but you are not. Is she Muslim?

  10. It all looks so good, the pink decorated cookies are very pretty, I would have had to stick a few in my large purse to smuggle home!!

  11. wow, lots of food!! nice food, haha!! you did not contribute any?? :D

  12. Fun mini party..... and I can smell rendang....

  13. Makan, makan, and makan sure make everyone feel good.

  14. never have this fun moments with colleagues....

  15. oh we used to do that too when i was working . now sendiri makan la. haha

  16. nice office!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  17. You were surrounded by nice colleagues ya.. so nice..

  18. u know what I love abt the office Raya gathering ? The Malay colleagues will each bring their house specialty in tupperwares.. all filled with HOMECOOKED yummies.. better than any hotel spread :D

  19. Haha I wish to move into a bigger company where colleagues will bring food for hari raya, chinese new year and merry Christmas XD

  20. Hey, we had it today.

    We do pot luck, as for me, i sponsor lemang, and they go and buy. :P

    So i have been eating since morning, roti jala, nasi lemak, lemang, rendang and all. tsk tsk tsk

  21. it is good to have malay colleagues at work. I miss mine!


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