Friday, September 23, 2011

To Houston Again

They say..."once bitten, twice shy" but where food is concerned, we do not say "Bye."

We went to Houston cafe again after more than six months since the incident on the un-chewable noodles and the "find." This time we did not order the noodles but instead tried their Assam Fish Curry....

Well, I must give them the credit this time... the fish curry was opposite of abominable... now I am writing french... hahahaa...

the fish head curry with lots of greens...

ordered another small plate of sweet potato leaves..
(half-eaten then only I remember to take picture!)

fried eggs with shrimps...

aaah... this is called "Free Corner"
Free soup, Free sweet desserts (tongsui) and Free cold drinks..

there....all "walloped untidily"
full satisfaction
this time "no strings attached" in the dishes... hahahaa....


  1. bring me to Houston next time kay!! :D

  2. OMG... u alone makan all? Please tell me ur anak or friends was wif u.

  3. very familiar the name, where is this place?

  4. Un-chewable Noodle??!!
    The boss must be exclaiming:"Houston, we have a problem." (you watched Apollo 13?)

  5. The above comment by Yuin Ting made me laugh! I must say, the food doesn't look that great, but maybe you enjoyed the taste.

  6. kathy: geng or not?? hehehe..

    Pam: sorry, always never write address.. this cafe is next to the IPOH city hotel.. forgot the road name..

    cleff: hahaha.. i also never thought of that..

    lena: next to Ipoh City Hotel.. near behind Mun Cheong Restaurant..

    yuinting: no no.. apollo 13, never watch before..that fella must be named Houston? :)

    gigi: i guess u are not used to it.. but u must try one day!

    hayley: i forgot the price, must be around 50rm..

  7. So it all tasted good? Why did you go back after what happened last time and how rude they were? You are very forgiving!!

  8. hmm... not a bad offer. come with free drinks, free dessert and free soup :p

  9. The restaurant is called Houston? Wah! Not bad got so many free stuffs! : D

  10. Psst!!!...They were sweet potato leaves. Muahahahaha!!!!

  11. Food looks ok...biasa but many free things kah? Now, that...I like! LOL!!!

  12. Food looks yum! Whereabouts is Houston cafe?

  13. Food looks good. You alone walloped all. Your appetit must be super good, hehehe.

  14. Ipoh Mali: Houston, we have a problem, Roger!

    Houston: Ipoh Mali what's the problem? Roger!

    Ipoh Mali: Overweight! We can't take off! Freeze Reanaclaire's request asking for 2nd helping or Peace not sure vision negative. Roger!

  15. ginny: i cannot think of a reason why we went back actually now come to think of it..

    tz: we didnt know till that day.

    foong: yeah.not bad hor!

    stp: thanks for pointing that out.. i wonder what made me wrote that.. hahaha.. no one noticed except u..

    kiddo: are u from IPOH? :)

    wenn: nice strategy..

    irene: super good.. hahaa..

    sonia: it was not bad!

    bananaz: i like this conversation!! gosh..i better not show myself alone next time! no one will ajak me for meals then!

  16. i found it interesting that you called the fish "abominable" ha ha ha ha - that means absolutely horrendous and should have never existed! i'm confused, was the food good or bad? does this mean you're going back?

  17. cathy: feel like taking it now too!

    cacho: oh oh.. abominable to me was out of the world! hahaha.. should be contrary to it..right?

  18. Yes, I'm from Ipoh, living in KL; but I've not heard of this place.


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