Thursday, September 15, 2011


Times passes super fast when I am at home.... my two days medical leave is over but I am still sneezing.... ahhhchoooo...

My nose is so itchy that I feel like taking it out and scratching the inside... now I understand how suffering it is for those who have sinus...

My eyes are heavy and my throat is dry... gosh.. isn't this called Sick? Some more say I "lazy" for not going to work! tsk....tsk..... LOL....

Anyway, I am still thankful that I can still drive around, taking my girl to and from school, going to market, taking Andy back from the bus station and managed to cook up a simple meal for the three of us...

chicken pieces with ginger and big onions..
I know I am not supposed to take chicken..
but I did .. thus now throat also itchy... sigh..

bought 2 bundles of spinach...
and boiled some ABC soup...
(potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, big onions, dried scallops
with chicken bones)

Simple meal for lunch...
Dinner? Not yet...
I surrender... no more energy already...
Guess bread and butter will do... hmmmm....


  1. maybe girl and Andy will surprise you with a home cooked dinner leh

  2. No need to cook again for dinner. In future, you just need to prepare more servings for lunch so that the leftover can be taken again for dinner. That's what I do during weekends. Save time and energy... lazy ma, haha.

  3. Adoi!!! For a while, I thought what itchy... Thankfully, not gatal after seeing video clip in my blogpost. LOL!!!

  4. quite good what. ginger can cure flu while onions can increase ur antibody. =D

  5. Good chance for further rest during the 3-day weekend break. You could have cooked a little more to cover both lunch and dinner. I do that sometimes ;)

  6. Claire rest lar...there's another 3 days for u to rest!

  7. kathy: i never thought of that cos it wont happen, at least not now.. :)

    pam: me fussy one.. dont like same dishes again for dinner.. :)

    stp: hahaha...u er... where did u get that idea! lol..

    henry: hey, you are nutritionist? :)

    gratitude: as i told Pam.. not me ler.. i want new things! :)

    angelin: yeah lo.. rest but blog! hahahaa..

  8. still not well yet? got vicks or not?take some and rub onto your chest..sick also cook? you are such a dedicated mum! have a good rest, sleep early!!!

  9. Nice simple meal! Get well soon! : )

  10. Do you eat Thai style with a fork and spoon? I lived in Thailand for 10 months in 1969 and could never get used to that way of eating. lol. I prefer to just use a fork.

  11. Your cooking looks better than lots of the food you buy! But why not eat chicken??? Here, we are told chicken soup is the best thing for a cold! It heals, there is a chemical in the chicken bones and broth like medicine.You made a delicious looking feast! Here, we usually just have a sandwich and cookie or maybe a salad for lunch.

  12. that looks amazing :D take care of yourself since ur sick. its always good to relax a few days!

  13. Salute you!!!...sick still can cook so many nice dishes. Hope you get well sooooooonnnn!!!!!!!!

  14. i am sick too hahaha! I respect for being able to do so much even when you are this sick.

    I would just end up collapsing after my medication hehee.

    Take cares, get well soon & Happy Malaysia day!

  15. hmmm, but you still have today and the weekends to rest.. looks like mums never really can rest at home yeah?? still need to take care of kids and housework~~ :p

  16. simply delicious home cooked meal eh! :d Nemind got 3 days time to rest. :)

  17. Your chicken dish looks so yummy. Claire, you have improved a lot in cooking.

  18. Oh dear, you are still not well? I think you need to have a good lie-in and rest. Or may be a good hot bath. No fun still have to do so much work. Maybe time that your boy and girl pamper you :D Love your meal. I can eat that any time with big smiles on my face! Please take care and hope you fully recover soon.

  19. Is that for one meal for three persons? Gosh...that is a lot of food especially the veg. So much! Can finish in one sitting kah? Wah...really kuat makan. LOL!!!

  20. I have a cold and didn't even attempt to cook today. I do want to cook after seeing this but it can wait until I'm better.

  21. try diluted apple cider vinegar + honey or just raw manuka honey ? It works for me :D


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