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Friday, October 28, 2011

AGELESS Till The End Of Time

YEH!!!  Finally the goods have arrived safely!!

Many many thanks to a sweet witch... now I can be "balanced up!'   LOL....

Ok, for those of you who might be thinking I have gone bonkers, let me tell the story....

It happened one day when I was blog hopping and I landed in sweet witch's blog posting about an Ageless giveaway... a chance to win all these products below... just by commenting..  “I should own the Neutrogena AGELESS range because…............"

And my winning answer ... ahem... ahemm.....

I should own the Neutrogena AGELESS range because… my body looks like I am in the 30s..but my face shows I am in my early 50s so it sort of do not balance and I would like to bet on Neutrogena AGELESS to make me look like 30s again! LOL…
ahemmmm.....cough coughh....
AGELESS cleanser, AGELESS toner, AGELESS firming cream!!
AGELESS.... till the end of time!!   LOL...

Ok... once I start to use these...
do you think I will change...
from this look....

to this LOOK?


  1. If really works let me know i go borong LOL

  2. hahaha! you're too funny! Claire, so you better start using it everyday, then the next time i see you, can tell you got improvement or not..ok?

  3. Ya...if it works, I want to buy also. Will need one whole container though... Muahahahaha!!!!

  4. kathy: i believe u will.. but then u so young.. no need la...

    lena: u also no need la..

    stp: u also no need to apply.. nanti you get into trouble!! hahahaa...

  5. Congratulations on your winning..... Nola, you don't look like you are in 50s. Enjoy :)

  6. If I were Neutrogena's boss, you would definitely win the grandest prize - free products for life... Such a creative line you wrote...

  7. wabbitfoot: cos the wrinkles are hidden... hahaha...

    pam: serious? then i will send my post there..hahaha...

  8. wow, congratulations!! so after you use the AGELESS product, you will become younger than me already, xiao mei mei~~ :p

  9. congrats! that's wonderful! stay young forever!

  10. sk: yes..yes!! hopefully la...

    elaine: who is the 1st pic? :p

    wenn: haahaha.. with fitline!

  11. Hey, I wouldn't mind having a thirties body!!! And you certainly do not have a fifties face! Much younger than that.

  12. So good get a set of Neutrogena skin care product!

  13. U won those? wow! congrats! ok ok now start on it already and post the updates! :-))

  14. wow, looking forward to seeing the transformation! , does it really work? :)

  15. Congratulations, Claire! But I do not agree with you, you have a cute and youthful face!!

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  17. Hahaha... If it really works miracle.. I will surely be the one in line to buy!! :)

  18. You must keep me posted with your end result after using the products. Ok? Neutrogena is a good brand.

  19. Congrats u won those... Good luck with the produt.. Update us with the results yah... :-)

    God bless.

  20. waaaa... take photo take photo... before and after... XD

  21. How are u so good in slogan, one ah? Anyhow, congrats for your winning.

    Can't wait to see your after results, 30 something or 20 something Leng lui!

  22. gigi: what a nice compliment.. hahaa..

    mommymoon: yea..first time in history get a prize like that..

    coffeegirl: yeah.. i will start on it ... hehee..

    isaac: as long as i dont look older, then fine.. hahaha..

    ginny: hey, u made my day!!

    loi: yes, i will... :p

    inspiredmum: you are still young ma.. no need to use.. hahaa...

    sheohyan: my kids use this brand cleanser for their face.. last time specialist also recommended this brand..

    rose: hahaha.. i hope to look younger..hahahaa..

    medie: alright..alright!

    jessie: cham.. now very pressured! hahaha..

  23. erm dont forget to share the result!

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHA...body looks like 30's ...Sure boh???? Can't stop laughing. Good one...good one...:)

  25. Congrats Claire. A big winning,ehh....


Thank you, readers!