Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Night Fever With Him

Happy Saturday to you .... hope you are feeeeling Great!

Cos I am not... oh, I should... never mind.. I just woke up from a nap.... should be getting ready for church in a matter of minutes.  Wait till I finish writing this post....

Before you envy me for napping, don't.... I am actually dead tired!  Today is my working day....  working day slaving for the house.... zzzzzzzZZZZ...

Housework is indeed very boring subject... so...  I better digress from this.............

Before you snooze off like I did just now, let me show you 4 pictures here... wanna guess where this place leads to?  Are they familiar to you?  See who can guess where this place is...I am sure many of you know it!
a serene surrounding.....
nice peaceful place for dating... picnics....
if only the trees are fully gown now...
with comfortable benches to sit on.....
then this would be a nice place to visit during the evenings...

to relax our minds... and just gaze out to the lake....
OK, stop dreaming...
Got to get to church On Time!
Have a nice evening, Everyone!!


  1. mm..i don't hv any idea where the place is >.<

  2. What a beautiful view! I wish that was right next to my home!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. I don't know woh... Many said Kampar UTAR but I haven't been to Kampar for years...

  4. kathy: the anonymous is correct! hahaha..

    kenny: Kampar...UTAR

    anonymous: u r very right!!

    pam: yes.. it is Kampar UTAR.. outside.. very nice lake.. beautiful environment..

  5. Very pretty! And, yes, it would be nice to have benches to sit on. How was church? I have not been to Mass since 2004.

  6. It is certainly a nice promenade.


  7. Yes, this is very, very beautiful it is God's church!! Maybe a loud sermon will help wake you up!

  8. wow, nice place for students to pak tor.. eh wait, students are suppose to study! not dating! lol!

  9. Hi Reana, somewhere in Switzerland?
    Sure a beautiful place.
    But for dating nights, I still prefer coconut palms....
    But making sure they don't have old coconuts.
    Have a nice day.

  10. Uni? Hope the admin is efficient... Otherwise, nice, nice...after a while, will become like rubbish dump! Seen so many like disgusting how those people can worm their way to the top! Useless, good for nothing!

  11. actually i dont know this place until you mentioned it's the lake near UTAR. Can fish or not this place?

  12. Saturday Night Fever?? errr, where is the Night?? haha.. so that place is the Taiping Lake?? looks nice, and yeah, if only the trees are shady enough then would be nice for picnic..

  13. Wow that's a nice place. And looks new too. Is UTAR open to public?

    I ask because I bring my family back to Ipoh occasionally and we have nowhere to go except stay at home. So boring.

    It would be nice to have a picnic at this lake. Maybe stop by on the way to Ipoh. Kids can also run around.


Thank you, readers!

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