Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lee Chong Wei, I "Lai" U

Lee Chong Wei, I blame u....

After church last night, I went to meet up with some of my ex-classmates in Gourmet Square, Ipoh Garden, it was around 10pm then... knowing very well, badminton French Open semi finals started around 7.30pm, I wouldn't make it in time to watch Lee Chong Wei play... never mind, sacrifice.....

Anyway, our gathering dispersed around 11.15pm....  Upon reaching home, first thing I did was to on my PC to tune to tournamentsoftware for the results.... I was expecting to see Chen Long as the winner to the finals today... but lo and behold.... there are no results shown yet... and THAT MEANS.. CHEN LONG AND LEE CHONG WEI were still playing in the court!!

Quickly ran down to tune in Astro 811... YES!!!  They were still playing their hearts out at 19-19 in the first game!  My heart beat very fast....................

Being a multi tasker, I logged in to Facebook at the same time, someone chatted me up talking about badminton... he called me a Crazy Fan..............yeah, me junkie fan also never mind.. I think I live up to that name alright!  Especially last night, I watched till 12.30pm............ and knocked out after that....

When I woke up this morning and saw myself in the mirror, I was horrified!

In the midst of the excitement last night, I forgot to WASH MY FACE ... I slept with the make-up still plastered on my face!!  (first time in my life, I forgot to wash face!)

Aiyoh... I think AGELESS also cannot help me to look young if I continue to be a badminton junkie!!

er.. by the way, Lee Chong Wei won against Chen Long last night..... worth staying up to watch, right?  Hope he wins tonight!  Lee Chong Wei, I still "lai" you..... 

10.56pm.. latest update.. Lee Chong Wei won!! 


  1. LOL...eeerrr u tarak mention mandi...means tarak mandi also ka? :p

  2. can't blame u..u were too tired.. :)

  3. This also happens to me. I also forget to remove my make up after a dance competition. For a man this is even worse.


  4. kathy: bocor rahsia liow!! too tired! just hit pillows!

    wenn: age catching up up...

    filip: after all the dancing? cant blame u.. i didnt dance at all but still..........

  5. LOL.. Like that also can ar? :P

  6. Another expected tough match against Kenichi Tago of Japan, a re-match of his All England 2010 final run.

  7. hayley: old liow..what to do...

    pam: yes lo.. actually it was a bad line call for tago..

  8. you're really a die hard fan of LCW! dont forget to wash your face tonight!

  9. omg! how could you forgot to wash ur face before sleep!!! >.< no more badminton for aunt Claire please!!! :p

  10. lena: tonight earlier.. not as late as last night ma...

    caroline: dont la... my one and only favourite game...

  11. lol, you're funny :)

    last day to join my giveaway!!!

  12. hmmm, i think shouldn't be any problem that he wins more rounds.. but are we seeing him playing Lin Dan again and cannot run away from his fate?? :p

  13. We don't watch badminton here in Hawaii. Is it like ping pong? China is famous for ping pong.

    I don't wear any make up, not even lipstick. You should try it. It is very liberating to look natural, feel natural, and be natural.

  14. Didn't shower and brush teeth also ? Aiyoh......

  15. you're really passionate in this game ya . nice XD

  16. How funny, you are really such a big fan! We like badminton, but it is not popular here, I don't know why. Tennis is very popular and there are lots of games and a tennis channel. We like to play badminton in the front yard with the kids. So glad your man won!!!!!

  17. You are the only mummy I know that is crazy about badminton :). Must be cool having a mum like you.

  18. fashioneggplant: the sandals were fantastic.. too bad i stay too far away..

    sk: lin dan walked over during his semi... hmmmm...

    gigi: oh..u r so natural! great.. but i cannot do that.. esp at work..

    chris: heehhee... hangover ma..

    isaac: hahaa..i guess i m the only one here who watches..

    ginny: someone asked me.. he is sharing his prize with you?

    kiasumum: my kids not so crazy as I.. funny..

    stp: food fan only! hahaa..

  19. I was hoping for a showdown between LCW and Lin Dan,, the way I look at the game of LCW,,, it is scary,he has the experience but his overall performance is on the way down,my opinion,don't be sad

  20. Omigosh Claire... haha thank you for your passion in the sports... lets continue to cheer on for our Dato' LCW :D

  21. eugene: he tends to be nervous a bit.. but when he gets into the flow, he has confidence... he can beat chen long in 2 straight games in the semis.. if he keeps up with his confidence, then he should be ok...

    daniel: after this, i think he will rest.. till end of year.. hahaaa..

  22. our baseball world series was the best ever in hundred years!

    glad you enjoyed Badminton:-)

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  23. You are indeed a badminton fan but do you play? I only love playing badminton but not into watching the games!

  24. cloudia: yes, i enjoyed this game very much...

    foodntravella: yes, not many of us like to watch... i only watch for certain players..

  25. Haha such a big badminton fan until forgot to wash face! Cannot la like that.. must be more discipline! I am looking forward to see you looking 30s! :D

  26. i hate when i fall asleep with my makeup on! i've been making it a habit to wash my face early in the case i fall asleep putting the kids to sleep, at least my face is washed.

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  27. I "fok" you, Datuk Lee made you forget to remove your make up. You are really a die hard fan to Datuk Lee. He is blessed to have your full support to him.

  28. haha :) you've really lived up to the name "crazy fan".

  29. sweetwitch: breathe in!! OK!

    oomph: this only happens once.. first time in history!

    sheohyan: how i wish he knew!

    miki: oh oh, u called me that too!


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