Monday, October 31, 2011

My Monday's Mistake

Waking up with blurry eyes this morning... thought of  taking EL (emergency leave) due to staying up to watch badminton till nearly 1am... cheering for the Koreans...

Ok, this post is not about badminton...It is about my carelessness ....

It is my turn to take my girl and her friend to school.. sort of car pool since we are staying along the same row...

The thing girl told me that she would skipped school today and I quickly reminded her to inform her friend so that her mum will take her to school instead.... After that, I totally forgot all about it because the badminton finals were occupying my mind last night... right?

This morning at handphone rang.... OH DEAR... I was thinking, "don't tell me the poor girl doesn't know??"

True enough, her friend's mother called me and asked WHY... Why.... why didn't I inform her that I wasn't taking her daughter to school .......etc..etc.....

Gosh, I apologised profusely to her... "so sorry... my girl had sms-ed your girl... so naturally I thought she knows.... "   but it seems her daughter didn't know because she never checked her handphone for the whole evening... or maybe she had missed it ....

Sigh... what a blunder.... I was feeling so bad.. there was nothing I could do except to keep on apologising.... I assured her that next time I will contact her directly if there's any changes ....

Still feeling bad on the way to work, I sms-ed her mother again... "So sorry, my mistake... I should have followed up with you..." and then she replied that she was sorry for losing her cool...

Well, I can understand..which mum wouldn't feel angry... right?  If my girl is left on the lurch and then going to school late, I would lose my cool too.....

This is really a good lesson for me to learn.... I shall not concentrate on other unimportant things from now on... those around me are more important....

Blogging, move aside...please....


  1. Hahaha... Omigosh Claire...

    'Lai' LCW and badminton!

    Haha no more next time then :D

  2. blogging move aside.. can not? after what happened today, tomorrow is another day :P

    i experienced something rather similar too. i forgot to inform a mommy a class is cancelled n when she sent her anak, i was not around -___-

  3. daniel: surname lai ma.. hahaha..

    merryn: too much blogging too? join in my club!

  4. ya, it's better to inform the mum directly..

  5. Too bad the daughter did not check her messages earlier. I guess we should not take anything for granted. I am glad the mother accepted your apology.

  6. well, things cleared up in the end. Kira ok la

  7. It's the badminton!!!! Tsk! Tsk! I would be angry too... Should have called yourself - young people today, not so reliable one!

  8. Don't worry, your daughter is going to complete her secondary studies soon so there's no chance of car-pooling anymore.

  9. wenn: yes.. this is necessary..

    gigi: yeah.. very nice of her..

    kathy: felt bad in the morning..

    stp: blame on Lee Chong Wei again? tsk....

    pam: later she has to fetch me instead.. :)

  10. Put the blame on LCW. Maybe her daughter got the message but forgot to inform her mother. Nevermind, at least things sort out. Learn your lessons!!...hahaha

  11. can understand how bad feeling that..lcw, move aside.

  12. Datuk Lee again made you forget to do important thing. Yesterday was your face, today was your duty. Do you still remember anyone owe you money?

  13. Well, just take it as a good lesson and reminder not to forget or overlook some daily life obligations. At least both parties have made up and resolved the matter, then kira OK already. Just have to remember not to let it happen again.

  14. irene: LCW's ears are twitching now.. hahaha..

    lena: no more badminton till end of year.. phew..

    sheohyan: cannot recall :)

    alice: yes.. must be more responsible.. sigh..

  15. that why i will never offer such thing..i dont want to trouble other ppl.

  16. O..ohh, no sweat Claire. We do make careless mistake sometimes.

  17. fuyooo... banyak salah lor... haha
    chill la. we make mistakes once a while...

  18. It's OK we make mistakes once in a while but I don't think watching badminton or blogging is unimportant haha!!


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