Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Birds And The Bees Theory

The Birds And Not The Bees
A long ranger bird...named Peter...
Peter and Paul...
Fly away Peter,
Fly away Paul....
Come back Peter
Come back Paul...
Gosh.. who wrote that actually?

Lets talk about the birds and the bees....Last night around 11.50pm, my girl and I were still awake watching one Chinese series.  During the last five minutes of the series, this man (Yat Ming) got high in wine and stumbled into his "sister's" room (Renee) who was also drunk, flipped her over by force and throwing up a fabric in slow motion......

For an adult like me, I know what he has pulled off ... but someone beside me asked me this.. "Mi, what was that he pulled off?"  I switched off the light and my theory began in the still of the night.... finally she understood about the rape in last night's episode... and we went to zzzzzZZZZZZ

For those who are die-hard fans of chinese drama series, this Born Rich is shown at 11pm from Monday till Wednesday. NTV7...  tonight's episode should be exciting...


  1. That's a good theory,, the bird and the bees,, noted

  2. Kids now are certainly more aware about sexuality with so much info readily available out there. Pleasant surprise that your daughter is "innocent" and glad to know that she got to learn from you instead of other sources which may be misleading. :)

  3. I am constantly looking for evidence to support the implementation of sex education. Many think that this is against the norm of the society but leaving the children to explore the knowledge without any guidance from the adults is even riskier. I seriously think that you have done the right thing by letting her know what she ought to know. As you know, kids enjoy doing experiments, hmm... not those in the Science lab of course.

  4. eugene: wei, noted what??? hahaha...

    gratitude: better to keep them informed than to learn from experience.. hahaha..

    henry: ouch!

    pam: nowadays, one need not to be shy about the words anymore.. i totally support sex education.. not like my days, talking about sex is a taboo in the family..

  5. errr, i don't understand this post woh.. what are you trying to say leh?? hmmm, i am not adult enough meh?? :p

  6. What drama is that? Hehe, so don't miss tonight's episode lo!

  7. sk: you are still underaged... :)

    hayley: the Born Rich.. series..

  8. Oh mannn... how am i gonna explain something like that to my boy nxt time.. lol..

  9. i watched Born Rich last time but half way ny! :/ no time to catch tvb drama it seem. :(

  10. Sheesh!!! Maybe, that's why I rarely watch movies. lol.

  11. I hate that drama... everytime watch it, sure my blood boil. Hate that Yat Ming... and I hate that bitchy Angie even more! SO BADDDD!

  12. Yikes, I hope neither of you had nightmares, but it seems they didn't show it graphically. Sounds like some of our soap operas.

  13. Got rape one kah? Aiyor... No, thank you. My missus watches all the dramas...not me.

  14. Hi Reanaclaire, ha ha, my time we learned the hard way, ourself by error, by accident.
    I only discovered SYTs when 16.
    TV just came out then, ha ha.
    My wife watches these Chinese TV serials every night, 2 shows back to back....
    Not me.
    Always quarrelling, crying, fighting over money...
    or too slapstick for me...

    We have a Chinese channel 24 hours too.
    You have fun and enjoy the show.
    Incidentally, our TV shows here no censor, and very explicit sex scenes too.
    Have a nice day.

  15. lucky she has a wise Mom.

    thanks too for the Acai info and your opinion on my new calligraphy. I value your view!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  16. i watched born rich last time dee...BUT halfway through it seems damn boring already but still watched till finished coz once i start..i sure want watch until finish regardless good or bad..haha

  17. cath: let yr hubby do that! hahaa..

    caroline: too much blogging? :p

    kathy: shhhh..beneath the blankets..

    isaac: she looks like 13.. sigh..

    gigi: hahaha.. something like dallas..

    cleff: cos angie stole connie's hubby? :0

    ginny: something like dallas.. yeah!

    stp: good hubby u r!

    U.Lee: hahaha. one of the reasons u migrated.. hahha..

    cloudia: u r welcome!

    eric: watched starting, missed the middle and now watching the ending.. haha..

  18. I remember that scene in Born Rich. Not convincing at all. Not your theory, I mean Renee is too mature to get raped by Yat Ming. Just my point of view.

  19. the bird and the bees... hehe thats so random :P

  20. Something is missing???You've got the birds. No wonder your girl asked where are the bees? hahaha. Bananaz seldom watch merely 'hear' the story from his office room and once in a while would go and 'pu8t' ask Mango what happened when hear some kan cheong-ness. haha. So tonight should be more kan cheong when they exposed the Sabahan?

  21. omg. the brother raping the sister?!!!!

  22. sheohyan: she was drunk.. and dint know who raped her..

    daniel: birds and bees.. means ?

    bananaz: hehehe.. ask mango what is happening.. i also see little here and there one.. only exciting parts .. hahaha..

  23. wow, you managed to capture that peter and paul and didnt scare them away!

  24. medie: but actually not real ones.. the brother is the imposter..

  25. Haha I know which series you mean! Didn't manage to watch the ending yesterday.. what fabric did he pull off har?? :P

  26. ooh..i ve watched the drama series. it's getting exciting now...the drama began.

  27. sweetwitch: you know or not.. i missed the starting last night.. i was watching 305 in astro!

    yeeling: yeah.. now only nice.. hahaha..

    mr.lonely: thanks for coming by...


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