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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Great Wall Of Gopeng

Being a Perakian for five decades, I did not know that there is actually this Great Wall of Gopeng exists... until this morning!

In fact today was the first time I really visited this Gopeng town and one of the places I was taken to was called Gaharu Tea Valley of Gopeng.

Here it is...
The Great Wall of Gopeng also knows as
Gaharu Tea Valley Of Gopeng

a 12 ha tea plantation by Gaharu Technologies

Gaharu also known as Aloeswood, Eaglewood, Oud, Jinko..
we were briefed that one kilo of gaharu leaves
cost RM25,000 per kilo! ($8,000usd)

the plantation ... I didn't go up by van
it cost RM10 for a ride... to go up to see the tea leaves..

but it certainly was an eye opener for me...
thought all tea leaves are grown in Cameron Highlands..

Gaharu tea rich in calcium, zinc, iron, managanese and vitamins..

Unfortunately I cannot take tea drinks...
no matter how good... I am "allergic" to tea leaves..

Ok... more of my journey tomorrow....

Gaharu Techologies Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 9840 Mukim Teja, Kg Pintu Padang
31600 Gopeng.


  1. D place is still very new , nth much 2 discover except for the lucky Gaharu tree .

  2. It's an eye opener for me too. Will google and learn more about this Gaharu tree. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is a lot of tea. Enjoy your holiday.


  4. Looks like a wonderful tour, Claire! Interesting. I am not fond of tea; I prefer Kona coffee. But my daughter loves tea.

  5. kathy: yeah..can.. my friend bought a box for RM63... 30 packets inside i think!

    silver: my frens went up by the van.. they said not worth paying 10rm to see the tree..

    yuinting: yeah, now only i know.. i think still new...

    gigi: yea.. more pictures tomorrow..

    filip: thanks.. tiring too!

  6. You are allergic to tea leaves? Good thing you didn't go up in the plantation, you could have broken out in hives and had a breathing attack! I think you were brave to even go near there. But you got some really good pictures! I don't think I have ever seen a tea plantation before, can't wait to see what else you have been up to!

  7. That's really an eye-opener! Didn't know tea leaves can grow in 'non-cool' places!

  8. I'm a coffee guy, no tea for me too... went on a tour of Perak or what? Nah...Sibu better lah! Muahahahahaha!!!

  9. Oh.. There is baharu tea.. Now I knw.. :)

  10. i've never heard of this place before too.. and it seems like a very new place also, maybe that's why it's not well known lah.. so you bought some tea from there?? nice or not??

  11. I've never been there... But I think nothing much to see there?

  12. That 'great wall' is just an attraction to the tourists. In terms of quality of the tea leaves, I don't think they can compete with Cameron Highlands...


Thank you, readers!