Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let's Rock On Saturday Night!

After Mr. G had penalized and deleted my food blog, I have been having qualms whether to open a new food blog again. Maybe I will, one day... cos I have so many pictures on Food Talks.... It means let the Food do the Talking... hahaha.... yes, I think I will name my blog "Food Talks".... impromptu idea... don't take it, ah... hahahaa....

And for now, let these Food pictures here do the talking...

My girl and I went for our brunch in Ipoh Garden South...
Hongkong dim sum...
We ordered the custard dumplings...
We didn't like it... they were not so fresh...
The HK noodles were not bad though...
but I told my girl, lets not come anymore..

For desserts, we ordered the mango dumplings..
not nice and fresh cos of the dessicated coconut
we ordered two BBQ dumplings too.. same good..

After walking more than 2 hours,
we delighted ourselves with strawberry cocktail in Singberry...
something to quench our thirst too..
strawberry passion drink....
When evening came, it was time for our dinner...
Four of us went to Lets Rock...
1 oclock, 2 oclock 3 oclock ROCK!
This is where the people Rocks!

The Rock owners doing the noodles...

I ordered this Rock noodles..

I Rocked with some fish balls...
This man Rocked the claypot curry fish head...

Rock Claypot

Rock Claypot Fish Head, Prawns and Vegetables..

So... where is the Lets Rock?
They have shifted to Jalan Raja Ekram
(formerly known as Cowan Street)

Jalan Raja Ekram..

opposite this PapaGo corner shop..
If you know where Excelsior Hotel is..
then there will be no problem..

Now... shall I create a Food Blog called Food Talks?


  1. So Claire, did you rock after taking all the rock food? LOL!!!!...

  2. I think I know which dim sum shop you went to... Tai Woo right? I don't like their custard buns too. Canton-i's version is still the best.

  3. Mmmm....the food looks yummy. I miss Let's Rock :) BTW, did Google just removed your food blog? Do they have the right to do that? Can you retrieve your posts?

  4. again..i must remind myself to make a trip to IPOH soon. in fact my sis/parents going there this wed/thur but too bad. I cant take leave already...huhuhu

  5. now you miss me crave for the curry fish head!

  6. irene: rock in my sleep.. hahaa..

    pam: i must try canton i one day..

    kathy: actually other places are better..

    barb: cos they found out a lot of rubbish inside.. yes, they have the right..

    rachel: call me when u do..

    Lena: one day we must go there..

  7. Of all the food, the strawberries caught my eyes the most :P

  8. wow!! look at the flowing custard oozing out from the bun, so delicious!! and the rock noodles?? haha, what an interesting name, but doesn't look that rock leh~~ :D

  9. The clay pot curry is rock....I can just have it with white rice or just bee hoon.

  10. Too bad about your food blog. What kind of "rubbish" did Google find? I am surprised you have not switched to WordPress, Claire.

    I love fresh dim sum, too!

  11. All of this food looks really good, wish I could eat there! A new food blog, well, what happened to he other one? Who deleted it and why, I didn't know about this. If you start a new food blog, then what would this one be about? Would you keep them both?

  12. hayley: this shop sells strawberries... Singberry..

    wenn: wait till i m free one day.. hehe..

    angelin: yes, either rice or noodles is good enough...

    sk: come and try one day..

    gigi: i will tell u one day.. haha..

    ginny: wait till i m more free or retired.. i might open a food blog then..

  13. Yup! I know where that hotel is! The claypot dish looks really good. Hmmm...too bad the dim sum was not.

  14. I know I should not visit your blog early in the morning. I ignore the little voices in me and now see, I am craving for those delicious stuff you posted! Serve me right! hahahaha

  15. You know I really have problem of commenting on food blogs,cos personally I am not so much into food,,hahahahhaha

  16. eee.. ur rock noodles doesn't look good leh? nice kah?

  17. I like the little street-places!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >

  18. I get what you mean when you have a lot of foods pictures and was somehow motivated to open a foods blog XD

    Same here...

    the dumpling... looks... ewwww >.<

  19. OMG, these food look delicious!! I'm such a fan for Asian food. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and this is what I'm having tomorrow haha :)


  20. That Rock Claypot looks super yummy!!

  21. stp: dim sum no good..

    kiasumum: i also never eat yet..

    eugene: yeah, i know.. i excuse u.. hahaha..

    merryn: try and u know.. :)

    cloudia: only in asian countries?

    daniel: one day when i retire.. haha..

  22. sam: hope you can satisfy your cravings! :)

    rose: it has been a long while since i last tried this..

  23. Let's Rock is my favourite when they located ard Pasir Pinji.. now move liao, lucky saw your post, or else the next round I ngong ngong to find them at the old place..

  24. omg..the custard bun. so tempting. Unfortunately I am not fond over it.

  25. Wow, lots of food here. I am suddenly craving for dumplings. Haha!

    Just dropping by Miss Reana! :)

  26. cyn: they now open in the evenings..

    yeeling: not so nice la..

    pinkmagaline: thanks!!

  27. so many rock and talk, and those food really rocks man!! yumzz...

  28. I think what really rocks in this whole post is custard dumplings...damn yummy! In looks like an egg...

  29. Oh- MY -Gut, the 1st 2 pictures, I dying for it... let's Rock, I wonder we can find the place(going to Ipoh next weekend), the curry fish head with huge prawn really enticing, YUM!!! Thanks for sharing Claire!

  30. If this DIM SUM shop is not recommended, is there any other DIM SUM tht is worth going?

  31. I'm wondering why would Mr. G penalize and delete your food blog? It's not porno blog mah, how come?

  32. custard dumpling makes me drooling!! T.T

  33. tekkaus: another place is better...

    alice: if u dont know, give me a call..

    alice phua: long story... hahaa..'

    caroline: other places nicer la..

  34. Rock mee looks not so nice but the curry fish head looks yummy.

  35. Haha ... another dotcom maybe. Saw Let's Rock the other day, on the main road. Means that the shop on Jln Seenivasagam hass closed down?


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