Monday, October 3, 2011

Gifts From My Blog Friends!

September was the month of receiving gifts from my blog friends... it has been a LONNNGG time since I last received something from them...ha (thick-skinned ME!).... (tak malunya)

Okay, jokes aside... I want to thank two of my blog friends here for sending me these beautiful gifts... er... I received email that the 3rd gift is coming on the way........ hahahahaa.... (thick skin again!)

A BIG THANK YOU to both of you....

Thank you my dear for sending me these
yummylicious double chips biscuits from cikumuffin...
this nice and gracious "blogger" send me a tub
to stop my drooling over them in the FACEBOOK...
(next time I must drool more to get free stuff!) hahahaa....

then a few days ago, I received a package from a faraway land...
Its a prize for guessing the correct answer... hahaha...

Something soft I can fee...quickly cut it open...
see Envelope A
cut open Envelope A,
got Envelope B pulak...
Cut again...
thought of seeing Envelope C.... hahaha...

"C" How Beautiful This IS...
I Heart Sibu...
(no joke!)

Nice or not?
I have a 101 things to put inside here!
Very useful for me... YES!

I guess there is no need for me to reveal who the sender is, right?
For those who really don't know who the BIG MAN FROM SIBU IS...
then you must go to HIS BLOG HERE!


(now I will wait for my 3rd gift!! something edible!)
*rub hands in glee*


  1. Jelos Jelos and more Jelos,,,,,,now I want to lodge an official complaint to a big man from Sibu already,, but then again, I also no give him gift,so we are even ,kekekekke

  2. Wa, long time i no become your first commentor already,, feels like the first time,,,,,,nice

  3. Hey! It looks so much nicer in your photos!!! I hope you find it useful. Now, have you heard the Malay saying - Tak kenal maka tak cinta! So how can you heart Sibu if you never come here? Come, come.. Shereen's here with her family and she's enjoying herself so much - the food, the place, everything... The son wants to stay on for a few more days.

  4. sweet! STP is really such a nice lovable guy :)

  5. eugene: this one not easy to come by one.. tough question from the teacher himself!!

    ken: i noticed it too.. urgent.. but not fragile.. hahaa..

  6. See how popular you are. If you start a food blog again, I'm sure you will receive even more food (e.g. invitation from newly opened restaurants)... :P

  7. stp: hey, the words are printed there actually... but i also will surely heart Sibu.. so much to eat over there.. free lodging, free food... free tour guide.. hahahaa.. everything FREE!

  8. I know who kasi u the cookies. :P

  9. Pam, you think so highly of me.. but i dont think i will get invited to eat for free la.. hahaha... malu only to go...

  10. Claire u r so lucky.tat cikumuffin biscuit really crunchy n yummy rite....

  11. that's a very nice gift from sarawak!! still got gift coming?? your birthday coming, is it?

  12. wow!! somebody courier that fresh from oven cookies for you!! so nice leh.. you are so lucky, i've also never received gifts from bloggers for a long time too~~ >.<

  13. cleff: like I know what u did last summer? hehee

    angelin: they sure are! very nice and butterish..

    lena: eh..i got gift for u la.. guessing gift.. when are we meeting?

    sk: say it louder!!

  14. The cookies nampak sedap la Claire!! I want I want! lol

  15. Very nice gifts! Congrats!

  16. So nice... and love that gift from swak too.. nice..

  17. Opppsss!...that's the lovely gift from the great man of Sibu. Quick, quick, book ticket to Sibu where everything is FREE!!...LOL!!....

  18. wah. letter holder! :D looks nice...

    and chocolate chip looks delicious too!

  19. Wahh the cookies looked SO chocolatey!! YUMM!!

  20. lucky of you Claire. Sept is your lucky month...heehe.

    Sorry as my things will arrive slightly late..hang on to it,ya.

  21. kenny: go to her blog.. she has all the varieties there..

    gigi: thanks to my blogging frens!

    cath: that one guessing game! hahaa..

    irene: not this year.. next year!!

    medie: nice hor.. yes!

    sweetwitch: yes..very chocolaterich!

    yeeling: 3 is a nice number! hahaha.. just kidding Ling.. no need also can la.. just for fun!

  22. Nice gifts. Edible and non-edible also precious to you ya.

  23. Eugene! LOL

    Haha maybe xmas we should do exchange gift among bloggers! by mailing? hahaha

  24. Oh..that is the gift that you win the at the guessing game right. Nice!

  25. 3rd gift coming sooon...if am not mistaken there will be something special in Nov , right? hehehe

  26. mnhl: yes, one for my stomach.. one for my home! :)

    hayley: blessed! hahaa..

    alice: Blessings.. again! hahaa..

    daniel : exchange with eugene only ah?

    annie: for me to put my stuff.. 101 things!

    kathy: gosh, u r one great tracker! i always need others to remind me of othters.. hahaha..


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