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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Main Convent Girls 1977

Received a SMS few days ago... mentioning a gathering for ex Main Convent girls will be at so-and-so house after dinner. Meaning... no dinner would be served... hahahaa...

Quickly I called up a few of my gang... at precisely 9pm, we drove over to this scheduled place as written in our sms... none of us have ever been there before... kind of exciting to go and look for the place we were supposed to meet up...

trekking into the land of nature....

going deeper into the greens.....

and found some satay laid out before us...

my ex-classmate whom we CANNOT recall each other at all...
Gosh!! Maybe she has grown up and I have grown older... hahaha...
so must take one picture first before we forget each other again...

Like this picture here...
checking out whether our pictures turned out nice or not..

Here's the first one...

2nd one....

Last but not least...
One for the album!
Some... Main Convent Girls.. Year 1977!


  1. and the pics turned out just wonderful!:)

  2. so nice to keep in touch after all these years

  3. How nice, everyone gathered for a reunion... 1977? I was not born yet.

  4. anthony: hahaa.. ladies of the 70s..

    kathy: left school 34 years ago! hahahaa..

    pam: that shows how "young" i m!

  5. wow, after 34 years and you are still keeping in touch!! that's amazing.. and only the "girls"?? not bringing husbands and children together?? :)

  6. How nice of your classmate to invite you all to her home! I love parties.

  7. lena: bond girl is 2 years younger than me... :)

    sk: not included, hey, our kids also wont follow liow.. all big already.... hahaa..

    gigi: yes, meeting in the house is better!

  8. Hi There, Isn't it fun to catch back up with OLD friends after many years? Of course, you are the YOUNG one --and all of the others have gotten older. Right???? ha ha ha

  9. and I was born that year.. haha.. :D

  10. many leng lui!

  11. I want the satay!! LOL! Wow! After so many years still keep in touch with your old class mates?

  12. I never in my life went for any reunion and yours is one to be admire!

    Haha from 3 pics, I can see you are the most excited one with the hands gesture XD

  13. These are really, really good pictures, Claire! The cutest is you all checking your cameras, ha ha!!! Satay!!!! Have you ever watched Pastor Joseph Prince on t.V.? He is so good, such wonderful messages. He is from Singapore, and was talking about satay today! How he loves it, and was describing it. He told about how they fan the flames, and was likening it to fanning the flames of the holy spirit. He described it very well, now I know what it is! We don't have any here at all. I guess you have the vendors everywhere? Is it really THAT good?? Have you ever made it?

  14. Wah!!! All look so young and pretty... All Main Convent girls like that one kah?

  15. Betsy: thanks for the compliment.. all have grown matured...

    merryn: so i m 17 years older than u!!

    chris: coming from u, i know it is a joke!

    foong: yes.. facebook can keep us in touch... hahaha..

    daniel: informal picture..

    ginny: yes, his messages i heard are very edifying.. he mentioned satay? hahaha.. i listened to his sermons thru cds before...

    stp: compliment or what? hahaha.. hey, michelle yeoh also from main convent.. :)

  16. you girls did WELL!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    / )

    > < } } ( ° >

  17. Do your friends know that you are a blogger,I mean a famous one?

  18. It's so great to keep in touch with friends even after all these years! Nice!

  19. I like this type of gathering. Can meet up with old classmates, catch up with one another, so much to update each other. I wish I can have one gathering like this too.

  20. wow, it's nice that you are still keep in touch eh? i'm having mine very soon :P

  21. cloudia: thank u!

    angelin: but we dont look convent.. hahaa..

    eugene: dont make them laugh! :p

    hayley: yeah.. so many years ago!

    yan: why dont u arrange?

    rachel: oh dear.. that shows how how how... young i m! hahaha..

    barb: sure u will enjoy too!

  22. Wow..that a very good reunion after 34years!!...

  23. MAIN convent girls?
    now got not-main one ah? hahaha

  24. Wow.. good to know that you girls still keep in touch after so many years! Even though you might not recall some of them.. hehe at least you made the effort to refresh your memory. Well done! :)

  25. alv: only a small group..

    medie: now still being called Main..

    sweetwitch: yes, many I cannot recall.. must see the school mag first...

  26. wow..after so many years you and your friends still make the effort to gather and have fun!

  27. is not easy to still keep in touch after so many years, so keep it up.

    what a memorable gathering.

  28. It's good to be hanging out and catching up with people who used to touch your lives like....decades ago. :p

  29. it's always great to find back our long lost friends.

  30. yeeling: yes, it was fun ...

    littlekidboy: someone has to make effort.. hahaa..

    jobless: time rockets!

    tekkaus: 3 or 4 decades ago.. haha..

    wenn: yes, time to meet up once again..


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