Friday, November 11, 2011

Haagen-Dazs Has Finally Landed In IPOH!

Finally.... Haagen-Dazs is now in IPOH! YEHHH!!!

Reached home to find around ten of these in my postbox... made me so excited.. as if they are free like that...but of course, not free... no free scoop or anything like that... but present this flyer below to the IPOH branch in De Garden, you can purchase 2 pints for only RM58! 
What??? RM58 plus???  Cheap ke?  I also don't know cheaper or not than those sold in the malls... but I know that PINT size is very small one leh... the other day I bought one pint of Baskin Robbins, it cost RM17 something after 30% discount.  So... meaning to say, HD is more expensive than BR....maybe tastier too?
But expensive or not, I think I will go and get 2 pints...
Can savour it slowly at home..
while blogging, while watching TV, while chatting...
Anyone wants the flyers?  Let me know.. 
For IPOH branch only.. hahaha...
Oh, by the way, HD is not paying me to advertise this...
(but I wish they were... at least can get a tub free??)
crocodile mouth.. LOL... 


  1. of course HD is more expensive and more branded than BR.. and RM58 for 2 tubs is not a lot cheaper lah, just around RM5 cheaper only..

  2. My supplier gave me HD ice-cream moon cake before. It looked really lovely and was yummy too.

  3. provided girl didnt wallop habis 1st la lol

  4. HD is creamier than BR but on the sweeter side. Anyway, the arrival of HD is good news to everyone in Ipoh.

  5. I dont have a sweet tooth so chocs or ice cream is not really my thing.. Only when I really really have the mood, I'll go find some.. So I also don't know if this is cheap or not.. :P

  6. superweight: I must try! wanna come along?? hahaha...

    sk: ic.. like that only ah..

    yuinting: wahh..your supplier so good one!

    kathy: my girl is conscious of her weight ...

    pam: BR also very sweet HD is sweeter? gosh... fat lor!

    bella: good for you.. then u dont have to fear gaining weight... :P

    jun: come back during next weekend.. long weekend..

  7. Enjoy your Haagen-Dazs... We have it here along with Baskin Robbins... BUT--I always choose local flavors such as Blue Bell or Mayfield's ---since they are just as good (to me) and cheaper...


  8. yummy! glad for you, Sister!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  9. I loooove ice cream, any brand! However, my LDL and triglycerides are too high, so I have to keep it off my diet for now.

  10. slurrrp!
    overdoes on ice-cream is very nice :)

  11. HD is richer and more expensive than Baskin Robbins. This is because HD is denser and has much less air whipped in. Ask me anything, I am an ice-cream expert!!!

  12. EXPENSIVE! And melts fast - you'll end up drinking milk - like drink made with milk powder. To me, Baskin' Robbins is nicer...though just as expensive. :(

  13. Eeee... I'm so jealous!! Even OverTime is there too now :(

  14. Can't have enough of it (friend's treat). :D But will only buy it myself if and only if budget permits. :D

  15. What is OverTime Hayley? Where is it? now so much of these outlets.. Chat time too.. but only drinks are available..

  16. Wow! Congrats HD is in Ipoh! but wait no need to be so happy.. next time your kids sure will request for this often n you'll have a hole in your pocket :P just kidding!

  17. not sure if i remember correctly cos i never buy them..jusco may have this HD ice cream at their supermarket section.

  18. sweetwitch: true true... hahaha.. in fact, we went last night already..

    lena:yes..they do.. but not sure how much..


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