Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three In One Tiffin Carrier And Marigold

After the "unbalanced" meal last night, this evening's dinner was healthier, thanks to my mum who pities me cook extra and sharing the food with me.  She knows I do not have the time to cook after a long tiring day's working hard work in the office...

Hey, I do work hard in the office, you know.. (guilty feeling arises)... for instance today... I really felt very stressed up working non-stop this afternoon.  I hate target dates, especially so when we are informed at the very last minute... and worse when we are getting no cooperation from the another department... sigh...

Ok, I won't talk about office work here... spoils my evening ahead... 

lets see what my mum cooks for me.. she is really a GEM!
mixed vegetables.. lon hon chai
eggs and fish balls... my girl loves them!
curry chicken .. looks spicy but they are not... 
there... so much for the both of us, right?
who wants to come for dinner tomorrow??? hahaha....
lastly and not least, I ended the dinner
with a cooling glass of fruit juice....
*pat stomach.. satisfaction fulfilled*


  1. Lo Hon Zhai last time my grandma like to cook for us (me and my sis)

    I miss the taste > . <!!!!

  2. Lucky you... Goyang kaki, your mum cooks for you.

  3. kianfai: this dish sure have during cny....

    stp: hey...slog like mad in office.. come home, really no more battery!

  4. mums are always the best cook, but my mum slightly lazy, she prefers not to cook..lazy to do washing up..hohoho.!

  5. wah kari chic leh...yum yum...2nd pc...your mom started to bento ah? looks something like bento geh

  6. lena: if i were your mum, i also wont cook.. daughter knows how to cook so well!!

    kathy: yeah meh? Now i go look and see...

  7. I also need to eat healthily. After I discovered my cholesterol level drop, I hantam a lot of sinful foods! Hahahha

  8. I see now why you are such a good cook, you get it from your mom! Yum, this all looks so good, nothing better than comforting food cooked by your mom! Wish I could try the eggs and fish balls!

  9. Everything is healthy except for chicken curry... a bit heaty

  10. Oh, I miss my mom's homecooked food. You are lucky to have your mum near you. I gotta get either myself or my mom on the plane in order to enjoy her yummilicious food. *sighs*

  11. this one is ah soh bento, no presentation skill. Only talk about taste. Yum Yum!

  12. You are blessed that your mom cooked for you. Mom"s homecooked food is the best.!!!...

  13. wow, this is a good one.. i just love that vegetarian dish - the foo chuk and tong fun make such a good combination~~

  14. Wow, home cooked food is always the best right!!

  15. Home cooked food is simply the best, and mum is best gem on earth.

  16. OMIGOSH! more foods!!!! haha I seriously miss my mom home cooked meal now. cant wait to go back home to sabah end of this month!

  17. Good Food!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  18. is a gem. I get something similar too when my mom cook extra.


Thank you, readers!

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