Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Promotion Plus Farewell And Night Market

This afternoon we had a farewell lunch in Excelsior Hotel, one of my colleagues is leaving us because of promotion.  She will be transferred out of Ipoh to a district office and you know what.... I will miss her very much....

She has been my "companion" in the office for six years now... we do a lot of stuff together... meetings, courses especially when we go outstation, we had each other as company.  She was also my sleeping partner.. hahahaa... and lastly, I will miss her ............MASSAGE!!  sobbbbsss.... 

Anyway, congratulations on your promotion, Madam G and all the best to you wherever you are....
Here we are... One Malaysia concept... 
our buffet lunch..
nothing to shout about...
but we "walloped" so much all the same... 
so much so that I OVER-ATE...
now feeling the "bloatedness"

Then for dinner my girl and I ate some "rubbish" from the night market...
special curry puff with egg... RM1.50
bought a packet of "Kueh Kak" at RM2.80
both of us shared this....
followed by some red beans varieties
given by my mum.... 
That's our meal for tonight... simple, right?


  1. Me too, we had a bit of this and that from the pasar malam and now I am enjoying my bowl of taufufa while reading your post. hehe..

  2. Looks great! I had baked chicken wings and an apple and cookies and milk. lol.

  3. Looks great! I had baked chicken wings and an apple and cookies and milk. lol.

  4. inspiredmum: i thought of buying that too then i remember i have red beans at home.. :)

    kathy: no la.. so so only...

    gigi: that sounds good!

  5. kueh kak?? first time i'm hearing this..

  6. The Pasar Malam food looked even more appealing than the buffet spread at Excelsior Hotel. Claire, Taiping is famous for Kueh Kak leh...

  7. lena: what do u call this? not kueh kak? hahaha.. fei chu yuk...

    pam: yes, i tried it before at the food court near the flamingo hotel.. nice!!

  8. Congrats to her also!

    Man the foods looks really nice :D

  9. I love the rubbish in Night Market.

  10. Your colleages leaving for good. Good Luck to her. Simple dinner but looks nice. Simplicity is the best.

  11. Excelsior Hotel - old established hotel. Food looks good... Have not eaten buffet meals at hotels for a long long time... Sigh!!!


Thank you, readers!

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