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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Operation Aborted In Internet Explorer

Gosh... from morning till now I cannot access to my own blog without this message appearing saying.. "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site"  and when I clicked OK, the blog cannot be displayed...

Come on, I am using my own broadband and I cannot even access to blogspot through IE?  Something is amiss...

If my office server blocks me, then I can accept it.. but how come it is still blocked when I am using my own "Stick?"

No, I cannot install in the Firefox, Safari or Chrome in my desktop cos it will interrupt my system data when I log in...  All these technicalities is alien to me...

I thought with the Broadband stick, I can access to any website I like.... does anyone here has a problem with IE today or is it just Me?


  1. that's weird. try firefox portable?

  2. OK ah IE no problemo for me. Why you cant install other browser very the kei kwai? Must have a spare for just in case. Bananaz got firefox & google chrome as well.

  3. wah hak sei lei....ingat kena hijack

  4. philip: not sure what that is.. hahaa...

    bananaz: my house pc ok.. got chrome, mozilla, IE... safari... but not in office.. only can use IE...

    kathy: yeah lo.. i pun ingat!

  5. aiyor... hmmmm refresh again also cannot?


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