Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Sinful" Birthday Treat

Last night was my friend's birthday, she is only one day younger than me... we know each other since we were 13... and that makes us.. er... too many years to count. LOL...

We went out for a simple dinner at Weng Kee Restaurant, something very "sinful" to me... After my previous healthy dinner (steamboat porridge), these below were such a BIG contrast!
a plate of noodles for the birthday girl... 
steamed Siakap fish in tomyam soup..
kapitan chicken...
salted fish kai lan... 
steamed yam 
all for my friend.. hahahaa...
the rest of us were "small eaters"
myself worst, in my condition..
I just "nibbled" .. like a Rabbit... hahaha...
Wait till I am better, I will eat like a HORSE! 


  1. Every dish looks yummy!!!..yummy!!..Just for the two of you. In drooling mode now.

  2. You will have a lot to make up for when you are better, Claire!! Here is something I have heard. When we are sick, the body needs to focus all it's energy on healing, not digesting food. That is often why we lose our appetite!

  3. Rabbit nibbles but eats a lot. :D Steamed fish and kailan is okay I think. :)

  4. oh dear I really like the kapitn chicken curry. must be very good.

  5. very sinful indeed, just at the time I am doing my rice no meat allowed..

  6. Oooooo.....the food looks so good. You ate? to get better like that? Next time, your children would not listen to you, they can say you are the same. Muahahahaha!!!

  7. hungry now by looking @ the food :p

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to you, Claire. Hope you're well soon. Take care & enjoy your weekend.
    Wishing you the very best & may many happy returns.
    Blessings, Kristy

  9. Still OK lar. Where got sinful? :D

  10. cynthia: good dishes but i couldnt eat much...

    peachy: not bad!

    kychua: i think myself different rabbit then.. :)

    ginny: u r very right!!

    irene: actually 4 of us.. :)

    agnes: oh did u do that! teach me..

    kathy: when it comes to food, sure panai one.. hahah..

    chris:yes, enjoy while we??

    stp: like mother like children.. sigh...

    tz:u always say that.. hahaa..

    tekkaus: all the santan and the cabai.. not sinful ah?

  11. No matter how sick you are, you still seem to eat very well. Happy birthday to your friend!

  12. Must be perfect food eaten with perfect company! :)

  13. The chicken looks good but I don't like the fish head.


  14. How fun to be able to celebrate your birthdays together. Its wonderful to have life-long friends indeed.

  15. the kapitan chicken looks really really sinful! lol!! :)

  16. hahaha, sinful?? never mind la, once a year only mah, let it be as sinful as i can~~ :D

  17. nibble like a rabbit? haha.. that's funny.. i see its not sinful at all! (err maybe i banyak sins already haha)

  18. not really sinful except the Kapitan chicken. btw, where's weng kee?

  19. i want to try that steam yam next time there. Almost ended up eating at here tonight but changed our mind and we went to Kok Thai instead.

  20. pam: weng kee is next to scotch pub..


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