Sunday, November 27, 2011

Broken And Dislocated Ankle

Supposedly to be a happy occasion, my sister and her family went to the bride's house to congratulate her before the wedding dinner. According to my sister, the kitchen was very wet and all of a split second, she just fell and she felt something not right immediately after that... she couldn't get up at all, the pain on her ankle was too excruciating!

Immediately my brother-in-law carried her to the car... and despite the pain, she called me... and I advised her to go to a private hospital straightaway.... Met her in the emergency room.... she was crying in pain... the ER doctor took her for X-Ray and when the report came out, I was told that her ankle bone had broken and dislocated...
A Very Swollen Ankle...
Unfortunately the bone specialist was in the operation theatre..
and my poor sister had to wait for another two hours for him...
Told the nurse to give my sister some cooling pad.. or painkiller...
as a temporary relief.......
And when the specialist finally came, he advised immediate operation
cos of the "swollen-ness"
After the three hours operation....
today she felt better... 
she said at least the pain today cannot be compared as to yesterday... 
Poor Sister.... the agony of slipping and falling and breaking her ankle
It was indeed an expensive wedding dinner present....
Thank God...she is alright now...


  1. Poor thing...... Hope she will recover soon! God bless her!

  2. That is just TERRIBLE!!! I am so glad she is feeling better.

  3. Oh Gosh... the swollen ankle looked really serious to me. I can imagine how much pain she had to endure while waiting for the doc to attend to her. I hope she is alright now.

  4. oh, that's a terrible thing. Wet floors can be so dangerous and risky especially for the more elderly people, we really all got to be careful. Are you all well already?

  5. hope your sis gets well soon :) may god bless her!


  6. It looks downright painful. Hope she's feeling better soon.

  7. Sorry to hear about your sister and hope she is feeling much better now after the op. it must be terribly painful from the picture you post up. we are all getting old now , must walk carefully and not think we are 25 all the time ..this is for me and you ;) pray for speedy recovery for your sister.

  8. Oh how awful!!! She is blessed to have a sister like you who will come right away and talk to the nurses, trying to help her. When we are really sick, we need someone to fight for us! I don't remember you ever mentioning your sister, or seeing her on your blog? Do you live close?

  9. OMG, i feel the pain just by looking at it. :( and it requires an operation. must be pretty serious :( .. hope she has a speedy recovery

  10. This is really bad luck. Hope it doesn't hurt to much anymore and that she will recover completely in a few weeks time. Al the best.


  11. Broken? Now, that's bad. Wouldn't be as bad if it had only been a dislocation. But these days, it is best to operate instead of suffering in a cast for months.

    In my case, the fractured bone did not heal after two months, so I had to go for surgery...and by then, my arm was stuck in one position and physio did not help. A Chinese sinseh managed to get it back to "normal" but that took almost half a year. Terrible experience!

  12. I am so sorry that your sister broke her ankle. I hope she will feel better with each passing day. Please tell her that I send her best wishes all the way from Jamaica.

  13. aiyoyo, i also feel pain when i look at that fractured leg!! glad your SIL is alright now and wish her a speedy recovery..

  14. Yikes! Here's wishing her a smooth recovery.
    (Stopping by from voiceboks.)

  15. Sorry to hear about your sister. She must be suffering terribly. Wish her speedy recovery.

  16. hope she is feeling better now n taking a good rest.

  17. oh.. hope your sister get well soon!

  18. chris: yes.. do pray for her..

    gigi: after the operation, yes.. before then, it was terrible..

    pam: yes.. she had cramps even then.. terrible..gosh!

    lena: still coughing on and off.. older people take longer..

    fish: thanks!

    patty: she has to be on clutches temporarily i suppose..

    elin: yes, though we think like 25, our bodies say NO.. so got to be careful.. thanks for prayers!

  19. ginny: yes, i have few siblings staying quite close.. never mention much about them except for family gatherings.. .

    isaac: yes, immediate operation even though waited for few hours..

    filip: thanks for coming by..

    stp: yes, immediate attention is better than waiting for months.. chinese sinseh can help in those strains.. not fractures.. it can make our limbs out of shape..

    judy: thank you very much!

    sk: me too.. i can imagine the excruciating pain.. she grimaced all the time then.. but i dare not show out ..

    rebecca: thanks for coming by!

    irene: thank you!

    wenn: yes, recuperating in hospital..

    cyn: thank you!

  20. Oh dear..ouch! the pain must be unbearable. Hope you has a speedy recovery.

  21. keep her in my prayers!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <


  22. bananaz: gosh.. not me lar! :p

    cloudia: thank you very much!

  23. Oh no!

    But glad to hear she is alright now...

  24. Omgh...for a momemt there i thought it's you. But still glad your sister finally got the medical attention. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  25. OMG! May she recover as soon as possible.

  26. hayley: after the operation, better.. sigh..

    kathy: yeah, bananaz thought it was me.. :)

    tekkaus: yes.. it will take weeks...

  27. Oh dear, so sorry about your sister. Never thought it was so serious. She has to take more rest.
    Anyway, hope you're well too.

  28. oh dear... i hope she gets well soon...

  29. Oh dear...must be in deep pain.

    Wish your sis speedy recovery.

  30. medie: she is discharged today.. thanks!

    yeeling: painful initially.. now bearable.. cos operation done..

  31. You can break your foot and ankle easily if you land on it funny or if you jump from a fair height and land on it,it could also shatter the bones from impact.


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