Monday, November 28, 2011

To Tanjung Tualang Despite The Darn Cough

I had a very busy weekend, apart from going to the hospital to visit my sister, I had a friend who came to Ipoh for a visit. Despite the busyness of schedule, we managed to make a trip down the coastal way to Tanjung Tualang. It has been some time since I last went there with my kids. Thank goodness I still remember how to go there... well, where food is, we will travel! :)
Tanjung Tualang is a very small town,
I can say it is like a "Square",
you won't get lost there...
we reached around 2pm... the restaurants were still crowded
but we managed to find a table in one of them...
in fact we do not know which serves the best...
we ordered a seaweed claypot soup...
It was good, I can say...
fried "or chien" oyters
crispy nice too!
the greens is a must...
steamed "Pak Sook Koong" 
what word to describe except for Nice.. Good...Fresh!
but the Best and Famous are the Tiger Prawns
We ordered Medium Big and they were very Fresh!
Like eating Lobster Meat... 
the rice wine sauce on the plate .. so so "KICK!"
all these 5 dishes came to RM100.00...
Is it pricey or reasonable... I also don't know what to say..
For me, as long as the food is great, a bit pricey is fine...
after the "makan", we walked around the town.... 
there were a number of restaurants in fact... 
and of course, hawker stalls for us tourists to satisfy our shopping.. 
an old auntie kept asking me to buy the egg roll biscuits..
RM18 for a tin... they taste good..
I also bought some papaya pickles and some assorted biscuits...
well, I don't mind coming by to Tanjung Tualang again..
Not too far from Ipoh..less than an hour.. 
Good to go there again for the fresh seafood..
This time round, must try the CRABS!
Darn my cough... after the food..
It sure takes longer to HEAL!!


  1. wow, very very nice!! i don't mind the darn cough with such nice food lor.. i love that fried oysters!! so is this the continuation of your birthday celebration?? hehe~~

  2. Yum yum! The prawns there are the freshest! But some shops are not very honest, might not give real Tualang prawns.. apparently the real ones are redder in colour :)

  3. Wow!!!..thumbs up for the food. They served quite a generous portion for the first three dishes. Price is reasonable considering you have the fish and the prawns.Both cost a bomb. Nice place to hunt for food, eh.

  4. Gosh, the dishes look so delicious especially the Oysters! Makes me wanna check out the place :)

    Thanks for leaving your trail @ Shirley's Luxury Haven! Following u now & would love to have u join my blog too.

  5. OMG!! the tiger prawns so huge!! would love to have one! :p

  6. What do you call "Pak Sook Koong" in English? Ma late Papa loves this fish very much. OK mah the price, got yee, har but no hai replaced with oysters is quite reasonable.

  7. Next time when your kids would not listen and eat to their hearts' content when they do not feel well, they can always ask you to read these posts in your blog... Like mother, like children. Muahahahahaha!!!

  8. I know Tualang is famous for Tai Tau Har (Fresh water prawns). Yours looked super fresh to me.

  9. kathy : surprisingly, the fish only cost 35rm but the prawns 45rm.. the other way round one!

    sk: hahha..sort of.. minus the cough, i just walloped!

    sweetwitch: these prawns are very fresh.. the flesh is different..

    irene: have food will travel eh.. hahaha...

    blackswan: alright.. will check you out.. :)

    caroline: one only ah??

    bananaz: beats me! i also dont know what it is called in english..

    stp: i think it will be in their genes! hope they wont read what you have written! hahaha..

    pam: yes, these are very fresh, next time can come by again...

  10. Found the English name its "White beard grandpa catfish" loh haha.

  11. bananaz: i know u are going to say that.. hahaha..

  12. Prize looks good!

  13. claire, the latest seafood restaurant in Tg Tualang is offering at RM 138 with ten courses of food , The prawns in the manu is ONE (1) kg! I just fell in love with the steamed kampung chicken and the prawns. May be I will go there tomorrow or after our bonus another visit..haha...

  14. pete: yeah, the food is not bad.. wouldnt mind going there again...

    may: which restaurant????

  15. Yeah that Pak Sook Kong is quite pricey. Nice treat again...Seaweed soup must be very nice right..

  16. I was there for the crabs quite a number of years ago..

  17. So glad you had a great time with your friend, Claire. The food looks delicious! The square looks clean and spacious, too.

  18. I would certainly try the tiger prawns.


  19. Wah, RM100 seems a bit pricey (for only four prawns) - but for how many people ah?

    My parents and I would always go to Tong Lok Restaurant when we're at Tg. Tualang because we find the food there to be really good. The "Sang Yu" fish is fantastic (usually steamed in oil)! And the prawns are excellent, too.

    Last month after the UTP convocation ceremony, we went to Tualang to have seafood also (so that I don't miss Malaysian food so much when I'm in the US haha!), and the food hasn't disappointed us at all. We go there so often that even the lady boss also knows us already.

  20. I hope you didn't go to Swee Kiong! We went there once because Tong Lok was so full, but we weren't impressed.

  21. The food looks great! So different from where I live, and I always like foods from other places in the world.
    Visiting from vb featured members:)

  22. The price is atcually OK if it's in KL..other places, might be slightly pricey..still looks very good and worthy..haha

  23. angelin: surprisingly the fish only cost RM35.00

    wenn: i must go and try the crabs one day..

    mery: for a change..

    gigi: yes, i like to travel a bit..

    filip: i like them too!

    henry: oh after the convo, we went to Pusing, a real disappointment! Ming foong is terrible.. yes, i saw the Thong Lok but we didnt go there.. we went to the shop called Yew Kee or something like that.. next time will try the one u mentioned.. along the same row actually..

    mommydy: thanks for coming by..

    eric: yeah, maybe public holiday so .. it is expensive a bit..

  24. We also had seafood during the weekend. The tiger prawn hou hou sek ar...

    Wish your sis speedy recovery.

  25. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Following you now..:) I like your blog header! Very cute and cool. My I've never been to Tanjung Tualang before. Now I know what to eat there. I love or chien very much!

  26. yeeling: hoe hoe sik ah.. i agree with u!!

    carolyn: thanks .. i will hop over now!

  27. Happy Belated Birthday to you, Claire. Is the cookies for Christmas or CNY?

  28. sheohyan, neither.. i have started to eat and now only half tin left.. hahaa..

  29. Yeah~I agreed...they were so huge that they look like lobsters. Only 4 aje? :D

  30. one cannot miss the tai tau har in tg tualang! already started to seel CNY cookies kah?

  31. sheohyan: walloped half already!

    tekkaus: cukup cukup! high cholesterol ..

    lena: yeah, cny cookies are ready for orders now!


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