Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shopping Spree in Thow Lee

There are certain things to buy in Tanjung Tualang.. my friends told me that the "ready-made sauces" in bottles are very nice... best for steaming fish and pork ribs.. for working people, for lazy mums like me, these type of sauce helps a lot..
see the bottles of sauce there?
my friends bought one of each... very busy moms...
as for me, I prefer the pickled papayas..
Back in IPOH, we proceeded to Thow Lee Pottery
My friend wanted to get some vases
and artificial flowers for Christmas and Chinese New Year!
their prices are very reasonable too..
only RM5 (1.30usd) for one ceramic flower pot..
lots of vases/pots for sale outside here..
I dare not take pictures inside.. might get "scolding" one..
After buying my stuff,  (flowers and vases)
I waited outside here for my friends...
 Paying time... hurry up.. hurry up..
The train was leaving at 6.15pm..
and we reached the railway station at 6.05pm..
Just in time... 
My friend thanked us for a wonderful time she had in IPOH..
Well, all of us did.. hope we can get together once again!


  1. RM5 for a ceramic flower pot is very cheap.. How I wish I could make a trip to Ipoh to shop and makan makan. :)

  2. Those sauces seem to be good buys! I'd love to get some of those if I've the chance :) Mmm.... I must agree that the flowers pots are real cheap. Can never get that kind of price in S'pore.

    Dropping by from Shirley's Luxury Haven

  3. inspiredmom: Ipoh is quite near to KL.. ETS train is only 2hours plus away. :)

    blackswan: yes, Ipoh is one of the those selling the cheapest pottery in Malaysia.. I think.. hahaa...

  4. Women...anytime, any place...sure got lots to buy one. Shop till they drop...LOL!!!

  5. Wah, Thow Lee is so established now. I remember my dad used to take the whole family there when I was young (probably more than 20 years ago). He has green fingers those days so there was an abundance of flower pots at home. They had to be stacked up cause the number of pots kept increasing.

  6. 5 bucks for one huge pot? that's really cheap! hard to find such shop at KL


  7. very nice too will sapu the pickle papaya

  8. stp: then only satisfied.. hahaa..

    pam: yeah, they are expanding, i think...

    fish: yes, i m surprised too.. maybe cny coming..

  9. your lady friend posed really 'gaya' besides that car!

  10. pickled papayas? nice.. i also like that..

  11. My place here oso there's this plant nursery selling very cheap pots. Every year before CNY I sure go buy some :D

  12. RM5 good price leh.....must check out this place...

  13. hahahahaha, "auntie" shopping spree and can shop till the very last minute then rushing to the train station just in time!! very good time management~~ :D

  14. I love jarred sauces, they are so time saving!! This looks like a fancy store, but I have gotten in trouble for snapping inside, too. You have to use your phone camera and pretend that you are talking on the phone, it works!!!

  15. LOL-ed hard at Cikgu's comment. Woooooiii, Cikgu... you are a man. You dono the pleasure of retail therapy leh. The world seems like a better place after we shop... correct or not, Claire. The world looks more beautiful after we shop...but the pocket not beautiful aje. LOL!

  16. One day of very fruitful trip for your friend from KL. She sure satisfied with what she bought and what she ate. You are a great host.

  17. such beautiful smiles!!!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  18. I saw the bak chang. You didn't buy. The ready made sauce would be nice for lazy mum like me, hahaha. Seems a nice trip for them.

  19. lena: hahaha.. she is not a fren.. she is my gal..

    bella: me too.. love to eat them..

    merryn: the flowers i bought can last me few years one.. :)

    pete: the big long vase is only 16rm .. good for putting umbrellas.. hahaa..

    sk: very thrilling leh!

    ginny: i never thought of that actually.. yeah, should have snap a few pics!

    cleff: we ladies walk walk with no intention of buying can also get some stuff suddenly one!

    sheohyan: we like to eat ma.. so it is easy to take around when it comes to makan! :)

  20. cloudia: thanks for your smiles!

    irene: i didnt buy..not bec i m not lazy but super lazy! i didnt even want to cook.. hahaa..

  21. Ohh..the sauce ngam me cos i always steamed chicken and ribs.

  22. Wah, really shop till the vy last min. :)

  23. wow, readymade sauces, very suitable for me.. i also want! :-D


Thank you, readers!

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